PHOTO OF THE DAY: Joselyn Dumas’ Touch, John Dumelo’s POKE!

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John Dumelo and Joselyn Dumas2


This is photo from the set of Leila Djansi’s movie ‘The Northen Affair’ and as usual, for a photo to make it to our ‘Photo of the Day’ column—-there must be a story behind it…

On a quick look, the photo is just like two actors on set but look carefully and you will spot why it is up here. It is either Joselyn Dumas has an electrifying touch or John Dumelo is just a super h*rny dude—-and we think the answer is the latter!

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  1. john is a huge womanizer but not really his fault here. joselyn has her hands almost in his pants so dude has an erection

  2. So this dude got a boner just from standing next to jocelyn? Hes phoney and whoremonger, he acts like hes the best thing that ever happened to women.

  3. It doesn’t look like he has an erection. If a man wear sweatpants or a track suit he needs to wear a tight underwear to hold his mandingo together otherwise it may look like he has an erection. I have about four of those sweatpants, anytime i wear them and i don’t put on a tight underwear you can clearly see my mandingo dangling in front of me. This is from a man’s perspective take it or leave it. Lol