PHOTOS: Yvonne Nelson Celebrates 28th Birthday With Chris Attoh, Majid Michel, Van Vicker, Fred Nuamah & Others

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Yvonne Nelson Birthday (3)


Ghanaian actress-Yvonne Nelson dragged her industry friends to the beach yesterday to celebrate her birthday and the photos suggest, it was a fun day for all…

Wearing a black swimwear to show off her Brazilian complexion which is not far from the skin tones of Majid Michel, Wanlov and Van Vicker, the birthday girl jumped around as she celebrated her day.

At the beach to share the day of joy with Yvonne Nelson as she hopes for many years of bleaching to come were; Wanlov Da Kubolor and sister-Deborah Vanessa, Chris Attoh, Founder of Ghana Movie Awards-Fred Numuah (who you cannot miss his belly), Majid Michel, Van Vicker, James Gardiner and others…

Check out the photos below

Yvonne Nelson Birthday (1)

Yvonne Nelson Birthday (2)

Yvonne Nelson Birthday (3)

Yvonne Nelson Birthday (4)

Yvonne Nelson Birthday (5)

Yvonne Nelson Birthday (6)

Yvonne Nelson Birthday (7)

Yvonne Nelson Birthday (8)

Yvonne Nelson Birthday (9)

Yvonne Nelson Birthday (10)

Yvonne Nelson Birthday (11)


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  1. Now that’s what I call love no matter how much people hate her she is still being love by her co-workers. As for Majid dude always no where to place his hands bad boy

    Fred the penguin next time wear a T-shirt with your banku stomach and plantain legs twiakaaaa you almost got more titties than YN

    1. @Oheneba Miyagi, You need to stop calling people names. Calling Fred the penguin,banku stomach and plantain legs is not very nice. Have you checked your self? From your profile picture, you are nothing to look at. Not only do you look ridiculously GAY, your face and cheeks are puffed up like someone has stack a bicycle pump up your behind. Stop this insulting madness and grow up.

      1. @Ama, Ama Yaa Asantewaa, Masa fo wa Nkwasiasem fri hor, how many times do I have to tell you that your words don’t do me anything shows topper? Aden wo Gyimi saa. Bayifuor aden na Wotan me saa? Huh Ama saman why don’t you put your picture here and let the public do the talking at least I’m not afraid unlike you

      2. @Ama, i agree. with u.. he always insults the likes of jackie without looking at his big puffy gay face.. dude look in the mirror and check yourself before you start insulting people

        1. @ndc lady, I check myself and I’m feeling myself reason why I got my picture on it who the hell is you a she goat or a baboon go between ur mums legs and ask your dad to poor moor milk in her so at least you get some common sense come back again when you understand the meaning of a blog siaaaaa how date you even to show up with NDC name aboafunu

    1. @KA NE WU, hahaha I tot he wld even be wearing sm mango leaves ard dat place since he does nt like anything western. Hypocrate. Kuborlor dey bore me f*cking

  2. ahhh Fred Nuamah paa, this ur belly.. is it a beer belly or are u pregnant? and u have no shame exposing it like this, such a TURN OFF!!!  happy belated birthday YN, can see u had a blast. Happy to see Majid’s wife having fun too and coming out of her shell, and not being shy anymore, thats good… 

  3. Yvonne, you haven’t even reached motherhood yet, too young and too thin to have a cellulite and stretch marks on your thighs. Bleaching can do that to your body, even when you are skinny.