Did She Really Say That? Becca Says She Was Prevented From Singing Ghana’s National Anthem Because She Was A Woman-Gender Discrimination




From where we sit, we do not see any reason why a country like Ghana would prevent Becca from singing the national anthem at a football match, simply because she is a woman.  We’ve grown pass that and why will they even put her up in the first black knowing she is a woman and then later prevent her from singing it?

However, according to a speech Becca delivered recently at the UN Agencies Cultural Night, she was booked to sing at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi during the World Cup qualifier against Zambia. After all preparation and her name was mentioned, an order was received that should not be allowed to sing—-and she says it is because she was a woman and menstruates.

Things like this happen in Ghana? What do you think?

Check out what Becca said below;


In other words, there is no reason for us to be backward and wait to be herd like cattle to the Promised Land or slaughter house. Please pardon my French but I am sure you will tolerate my situation even more after you’ve heard this bit of psychological abuse I suffered from the system at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi during the World Cup qualifier against Zambia.

It had been arranged through the UNAIDS under its “Protect The Goal” campaign with FIFA and with all protocols observed i.e. the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ghana’s Football Association, The Match Commissioner designated by FIFA, The Head Of Security at the Sports Council responsible for the Baba Yara Sports Stadium that I sing the National Anthem before the Black Stars match against the Chipolopolo of Zambia. In fact my singing of the National Anthem was so official that on the eve of the crucial match, national television reported it.

So it came to pass that I, together with my team reported to the stadium at 10am; a time that all stakeholders had agreed was best for my purpose. Even then the stadium was almost filled to capacity so I did my sound check and dress rehearsal quickly and retired to wait for the 7hour interval period before history was made.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as is the norm, the away team mimed their Zambian anthem with support from the stadium’s public announce system before Ghana’s turn. I was going to sing ours live through the cordless microphone made available for my act.

The stadium announcer acting as MC for the occasion introduced me because he had the official match day program and was sticking to it. The stadium announcer and pressmen who had relayed the info that I was about to make history did not know was that a directive had come from an authority or perhaps authorities that I do not sing the national ANTHEM anymore. Reason? I was a woman.

The authority had at the last minute remembered that my being a woman apparently was bad omen. In other words, because I could menstruate I was unworthy of singing our anthem. At least that was the explanation given to the UNAIDS when they sought why an event that had cost precious time plus efforts to conceive and hatch was basically dumped on the scrap heap of gender equality.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Whatever or whoever informed this superstitious twist should have known that the very Ghanaian flag the black stars defended and won on the day was designed by Theodosia Salome Okoh, a fertile woman. In fact, like nature, tradition is a description not a moral justification. Just because we’ve always done or believed a particular action, doesn’t mean it’s always or ever was justified.

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