CELEB STYLE: Yvonne Nelson

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yvonne nelson1
Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress-Yvonne Nelson who is currently in the United Kingdom has decided to cover up for the cold weather but has kept the cover-up chic.

The actress who visited Nollywood Movies’ offices wore a semi casual all black outfit. Her casual look was made to look modish with a pair of open toe strappy heels to match. Are we loving the leg warmers over the heels?

You can almost see Yvonne’s ribs through the knee length style tight fitting black dress. It’s simple but it classy with minimal accessories…


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    1. @maame ama, You’re right on the money babe! I feel Chris is always looking for an excuse to diss Yvonne. Then again it’s his prerogative and his blog. Regardless of how much his unecessary insults suck I suppose freedom of speech entitles him to spew obscenities about YN whenever he wills.I only pray she doesn’t read such and that even if she does/hears about it her self-esteem is not diminished by it.I believe YN looks svelte and stunning as always.

    2. @maame ama,and she looks wayyyyy prettier and nicer than thatgirlfriend of his. I don’t even know why he doesn’t keep mute when it comes to pretty women., oh i get it, ugly is beautiful in his site

  1. I don’t why u ppl keep talking about her weight lose but doesn’t seem to bother her. she’s happy with her weight if u don’t like it that’s ur cup of tea. she had a reason why she lost that weight and she decides to keep it like that. ahhh adzen today Yvonne this, tomorrow Yvonne that, wabr3 mo

  2. Home girl is rocking the same shoes she wore with the white and black dress from the last post…SMDH…#what a celeb#

  3. This girl is a really something more than stu.pid. Who wears legs Warmers with an open toe? U re supposed to cover your legs with Warmers abroad becos it is cold but why wear open toes if it is cold? How do you cover the toes area? So open toes defeat leg Warmers ! Maybe bush girl thinks it is a swag ! Ghanafoa