Dress Code, Does it Matter?

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Of course it does…

Somewhere last year I went to Hugh Masakela’s concert with my in-laws. We were having a really good time till a lady I know from around town came to sit by us and tried to get my attention. What did I do, I totally ignored her.

Not because I don’t like her, in fact I have no reason to not like her but we are not best friends so on a normal day I will be nice. But you see, this was a public function and I was among people who respect me and this girl came wearing neon coloured leggings, drawing out her huge bum, with a blouse which I believe was originally meant to be a chemise and a red wig with makeup like a traffic light. Bear in mind that this is an adult function with mainly grown, respectable men and women and it would draw negative attention to me to introduce someone like that as a friend.

But if she had worn something more appropriate, I might have let her sit with us and join in the conversation. You simply need to wear the right thing. Do not walk into a decent place looking like a showgirl off the streets of Vegas. Even if you are, is it the right place?

In the same vein, you cannot walk into somebody’s office wearing what you wore to the night club yesterday! When you do such things, you ridicule and pass judgement on your character even before you are addressed.

Have you ever been to a wedding and gotten confused about who exactly the bride is? Basically because there are too many ladies dressed more flamboyantly than a peacock—even more disturbing, at traditional weddings when the bride is easily overshadowed.

I dare say some friends do this deliberately because nothing explains how you know you are not the one getting married but still you wear a white gown with a train or combine the most expensive lace with the most expensive Kente to sew a dress that is big, attractive and fluffy enough to be spotted from miles away. Then as if that is not enough, you top it up with diamond shoes and a hat that will literally provide shade for anyone within 300 yards of you.

So in effect when you are making your way into the church or hall, everyone forgets the bride and fixates on you. Seriously my sister?

I am addressing the ladies because they are the main culprits right?

You simply have to pay more attention to what you are wearing and when you are wearing it. It makes a difference no matter what anyone says.

If dress code is not important, tell me, how do you feel when you walk into a night pub and find someone wearing bed clothes or find someone at a day social gathering wearing a corset and shorts?

Yes I said a corset and shorts. Because in this beautiful country called Ghana, there is a sickening trend growing where you find a woman wearing what is obviously a corset and wears jeans, skirts or shorts with it and goes to public places with it. That thing is classified under garments! What makes you think it is alright to wear it out?

Going about constituting a total eyesore to the public and making yourself look really sleazy is beyond pathetic. If somebody walks up to you and mistakes you for a harlot, will you have the nerve to complain?

Why? Are you not dressed as one? Dress as you would like to be addressed because, although fashion is a gorgeous thing, you cannot afford to lose the core principles of decency. Look decent for Pete’s sake!

How do you differentiate a nun from a teacher? And a doctor from a priest or lawyer? Is it not the way they are dressed? So I can safely say your dress code is a reflection of who/what you are.

So pay attention and dress up right at the right function. Better still, I say again, dress as you want to be addressed!

What is the most ridiculous dress code you’ve recently spotted?

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