When No One Is Hiring You, Better Hire Yourself | Watch the Trailer for Nadia Buari’s First Self-Produced Movie-Diary of Imogen Brown

Nadia Buari's movie--Diary of Imogen Brown

From Nadia Buari’s Diary of Imogen Brown

Finally the much talked about Directorial debut movie of Nadia Buari has arrived. And as we’ve stated in previous articles, most of our Ghanaian movie stars are starving when it comes to finding movie roles, including Nadia Buari.

As such, they’ve decided to hire themselves if no one is ready to hire them. Aafter sitting around waiting for movie roles that are not forthcoming, Nadia Buari has decided to hire herself as the lead character for her first self produced movie titled-Diary of Imogen Brown…

I am amazed how one can concentrate on directing when the same person is playing the lead role—it must have been a lot of hard work. Not forgetting that she also produced the movie!

The movie is centred around real life events as we are told and features her ‘old boyfriend’, Jim Iyke and her brothers Majeed Sidiku Buari and Jameel Sidiku Buari.

The trailer was released yesterday and is getting impressive hits but the question is; couldn’t Nadia Buari have gone some of the industry great actors to star alongside her instead of turning this into a family affair?

Watch the trailer below and tell me what your score is for Nadia’s hard work. I personally like the easy flow of things…


Synopsis: Imogen Brown, a successful business woman who had all what most women will wish for, an incredibly beautiful daughter, a great home, a diamond business empire and a handsome boyfriend. Unknowing to her, her envious boyfriend, Tyler Graham, who had been having an affair with two of Imogen’s closest friends, was only interested in her wealth.

After many failed attempts of persuading Imogen to marrying him so he could take over her company, he decides to walk out on their six years relationship. In trying to get over the pain of heartbreak, she meets Stanley Coleman who introduces her to all kinds of drugs and as a result becomes an addict. The mind-blowing saga continues…


It reminds me slightly of Nadia’s own life. The beautiful daughter and handsome boyfriend part. Perhaps it is indeed a true life story. Who knows!

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  • It’s a step in the right direction…wud love to watch it.

  • Ohenena Miyagi

    Good stuff, I would grab pop corn and watch it at least she got new faces in

  • colour

    Y r u guys always picking on some celebrities.. Wen was the last time Jackie appiah starred in any movie? U never say anything abt that.. Every article abt Jackie is full of praise.. N yet articles abt Nadia r always filled with insulting remarks.. U manage to say something nasty even wen it’s supposed to b an article dats praising her.. It’s getting really childish n obsessive honestly.. Ur journalism skills need to b polished!

    • Ness

      @colour, Ignore him! Chris is so biased towards her that he almost made me love nadia buari and hate Jackie! This man is so childish!!!

    • Sandy


    • ato

      @colour,jackie will continue to be timid and all will pass her by in the industry will her p*rn movies dhe is acting ,congrats NADIA FOR TAKING THESE EVIL WITCHES AND WIZARDS BY SUPRISE ,they can hang themselves .GC DID NOT MAKE NADIA AND NEVER NEVER CAN THEY BRING HER DOWN .ASHEMO DE3:

  • me

    want all these ‘actors’ writing,
    directing and producing movies to
    know that not everyone can write,
    produce and direct simply because
    they act in movies. Please leave that
    to the experts because the experts
    in these areas are not jumping into
    acting. Now this movie is supposed
    to depict the life of a wealthy
    woman who owns her own
    DIAMOND company. Clearly the
    background does not look like that
    of a wealthy person who owns her
    own diamond company. That is one
    of the problems with ghallywood
    and nollywood movies. They are not
    consistent. You all want to mimick
    hollywood but what you fail to
    understand is that hollywood
    movies show ‘real’ scenarios. If it is
    about the ghetto it is filmed where
    the backdrop depicts the ghetto. If
    it is about a diamond the backdrop
    depicts that. They are consistent.
    What you guys are lacking is
    common sense. Imagination is
    there, as wild as it is but truth be
    told you guys are not realistic in
    your budget there create scripts and
    find filming locations that are
    consistent with each other. Now you
    are telling me that this IMOGEN
    character is wealthy but when I
    view the trailer I am turned off by
    the backdrop because clearly it
    does not depict any truth to what
    the writer, producer and director
    wants us the viewers to believe.
    Please guys make movies according
    to your budget. You are just one big
    joke. Every one wants to make
    movies now, what? Is it that the
    competition to star in movies have
    become so fierce that instead of
    being the ONE you have to be
    fighting for scripts so now you all
    have to be creating your own
    companies and staring in your own
    movies. You can’t even employ a
    real casts of professionals. It is now
    all in the family. Something is
    wrong here. As much as I am not a
    fan of Leila Djansi, I must say I
    appreciate her work and her
    professionalism. She sticks with
    what she knows best. You all can
    learn from her instead of trying to
    compete with her. Is it by force that
    you all have to act or star in
    movies? You have no other talent?

    • Honey

      @me, 120% clearly stated

    • Oheneba Miyagi

      @me, whoever marked “Me” Red is a big Joke she wrote nothing but the truth

    • ato


  • Aba

    I can’t get past that accent….

  • MaakaMaaka

    American Citizen American Born and Raised Nadia Buari.
    Nkwasiasem Kwa, this is why i can stand the bitch
    Why in the hell does she put on that fake american accent
    You were Not Born Nor raised in America.
    Be Real for once.
    The way she speaks make my skin crawl.
     She must have alow self esteeem to have to fake to make it. Yvonne Okoro or Martha Ankomah DO NOT FAKE their accent and they are doing fine.

  • la

    Thank God i hv stopped watching these so called ‘movies’, they cant act now they directing? A bunch of jokers!