It Can’t Get Any Better Than This | ‘Sparrow Productions’ Launches The ‘4 BIG THINGS’- A New MOVIE, New LOGO, Adams Apples Season 2 DVD, Sparrow Station & A Short Film…

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor
Posted on 04 Dec 2013 at 11:40pm
'Sparrow Productions' Launches 4 Big Things

‘Sparrow Productions’ Launches 4 Big Things

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Sparrow Productions has for the last 6 years brought us intriguing and quality movies which have won our hearts. Even at a time when the Ghanaian Movie Industry had no distinguishable identity, Sparrow Productions was able to define itself through its work—as the powerhouse of quality and well thought-of African movies…

A journey which started with ‘Life and Living It’ and captured the ‘Perfect Picture’ of the many troubles we face in life via ‘Scorned’, ‘CheckMate’, ‘Six Hours to Christmas’ and the ‘Sexy, Sassy, Wahala’ of  ‘Adams Apples’ was today REDEFINED with the launch of the ‘4 BIG THINGS’.

Launched in Accra today,  the ‘4 BIG THINGS’ are set to change the way you see Sparrow Productions and the way you’ve enjoyed their excellent films and other African movies over the years—all for the better.

Forget the Awards because they’ve won them all. What really matters is how you would be able to enjoy the excellent ‘high quality’ films of Sparrow Productions and from other African film-makers on time and from wherever you are in the world.

It surely must have been tense for you to wait for months to watch some of the best African movies, especially from Sparrow Productions—simply because you live at the other side of the world…

Let me take you through the ‘4 BIG THINGS’ which will not only excite all African movie lovers but it will also in reality change the way African movie lovers access and watch some of the great African productions.

  • 1. Sparrow Productions ‘New Identity’-THE LOGO

    Sparrow Productions New Logo

    Sparrow Productions New Logo

Sparrow Productions today announced and unveiled its new logo, a more colourful and brilliant logo—probably indicating that, there are more colourful and excellent projects coming your way from them.

  • 2. Adams Apple Season 2 On DVD
Adams Apples Season 2 DVD

Adams Apples Season 2 DVD

The second part of the ‘4 BIG THINGS’ which were launched today by Sparrow Production is the high quality DVD version of ‘Adams Apples Season 2’, hitting the market from 13th December—with two episodes being released every 2 weeks.

In order to bring ‘Adams Apples’ to consumers in real and high resolution (quality), Sparrow Productions is releasing the Season 2 on high resolution DVDs which will not distort the movies’ quality—like VCD does, to ensure you get your moneys worth and be able to enjoy the movie series.

Why Adams Apples Season 2?

Following the huge success of the iconic ten chapter movie series ADAMS APPLES, Sparrow Productions embarked on another eventful journey with the feisty Adams girls and their equally vivacious counterparts.

ADAMS APPLES EPISODES is the Television spin-off and continuation of what seemed like a perfect ending to the turbulent lives of the Adams girls on cinema screens and vcds/dvds.

The 26 episode popular drama kicks up the biggest scandals in the most unlikely situations with unimaginable twists taking audiences on an exciting journey that will get them hooked on an incredible story told excellently by its fallible characters.

Beginning on the bright note of forgiveness, renewed vows, great business and honey mooning in London; a kidnapping and a ransom note for ten million cedis, throws the family into chaos and what will become the most ferocious episodes of their lives yet.

The s*xy, sassy, wahala is back…

Adams Apples features Anima Misa Amoah, Joselyn Dumas, Yvonne Okoro, Naa Ashorkor Mensah Doku and several talented actors.

  • 3. A New Movie-Potomanto


The year has been pretty disastrous for the African Movie Industry with movie lovers hunting for that one GREAT movie which will quench the thirst—and it is FINALLY here!

Christmas wouldn’t have been the same without another GREAT movie from Shirley Frimpong Manso and her Sparrow Productions Team. And she calls this one-POTOMANTO  “ a Ghanaian evolved version of the French word Portmanteau which means, large suitcase”.

Are you ready for the POTOMANTO thrill?

The question in POTOMANTO is; as the search for greener pastures gets deadly, what do you think will happen?

In POTOMANTO, ex police officer Adane is angry about being cheated on so he sets out to take his pound of flesh when he employs his skills to catching women who cheat on their men. But he’s in for a real cat and mouse game when he’s hired to catch Susan, the alluring young wife of a wealthy Nigerian businessman.

However the chase takes a different turn as a string of bizarre murders among seemingly young hustlers engulf the community. Soon it becomes apparent that the pursuit of greener pastures has manifested into a diabolical plot of illegal organ harvesting leaving its ignorant victims maimed or dead.

What follows is a terrifying race against time where two people from opposite sides of the law must face horrific dangers in an attempt to stop the canker that is annihilating an entire generation.

Starring Adjetey Anang, Olu Jacobs, Yvonne Okoro, Marie Humbert, Mikkie Osei-Berko (Master Richard of Taxi Driver fame),  POTOMANTO will be premiered on 20th December, 2013 at the Silver Bird Cinema in Accra.

Check out the trailer of POTOMANTO below…

  • 4. Sparrow Station & Short Film-Big For Nothing

Sparrow Station

As I mentioned earlier, Sparrow Productions is going to change how you access and enjoy some of the best African Movies—wherever you find yourself.

You will not have to wait weeks upon weeks to be able to enjoy quality African movies anymore, including those of Sparrow Productions—-just because you cannot find them to buy.

And this is where the excitement is;  Sparrow Production has launched an online video on demand service called SPARROW STATION, provided by Sparrow Connect INC, a media distribution company.

Sparrow Station streams quality African entertainment to a discerning audience and provides the convenience of access to enjoyable quality produced African stories on any internet connected screen worldwide.

Sparrow Station streams a growing collection of feature films, series and short films produced by Sparrow Productions and other partner production houses.

The experience of watching content on Sparrow Station is really easy; it’s as simple as browsing through the available titles and renting, using a debit card, credit card or paypal.

Most content can be viewed up to three months depending on the title, making it possible to watch favorites over and over again.

Sparrow Station is driven to provide the best possible online video streaming experience of progressive African entertainment.

Adams Apples, Peep, Potomanto and all your classic favourites from sparrow will be showing from there…

Visit Sparrow Station Now via;

  •  Short Film-Big For Nothing
Short Film-Big for Nothing

Short Film-Big for Nothing

In celebrating all these new ‘4 BIG THINGS’, Sparrow Productions has decided to bring you on board so you can share their joy—and also thank you for the continuous support with the release of a short film titled-Big For Nothing.

The release of the short film also marks the official introduction of ‘short films’ as a category that Sparrow Productions has decided to venture into—as it aims to do more to bridge the gap and quench the constant thirst of African Movie lovers…

‘Big For Nothing’ which features John Dumelo and Jasmine Baroudi will be streamed for FREE on Sparrow Station starting from 13th December, 2013 to subscribers who join the mailing list.


In ‘Big For Nothing’ Leslie struggles with the notion that he maybe incapable of satisfying his wife in bed when he caught Akos faking an orgasm just after a year of marriage . In his attempt to seek answers Leslie pushes Akos too far, setting a premise for more problems.

CLICK here to go to Sparrow Station To Check Out What We Are Talking About…

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