How Did These People Become TV Presenters In Ghana? | Watching TV In Ghana Has Become Painful

Tv Presenters in Ghana


If I want to list the many TV presenters I’ve been wondering how they got unto the screens of some of the top TV stations in Ghana, I would need at least 10 pages to do so…

Almost each week, a new TV Show pops up on a Ghanaian TV and mostly these programs come with new presenters. I mean new faces but with the same ‘bad and unprofessional’ presenting skills.

Surely, it doesn’t take much to become a TV presenter in Ghana, my friend who visited last week from Germany said, while flipping through the TV channels.

In fact, I know several people who do not watch any of these Ghanaian TV Shows, especially these Lifestyle and Entertainment ones being hosted by these ‘untrained professionals’.

Just like our movie industry is filled with sub-standard actors who are not ready to invest in their ‘careers’, our TV stations have been taken over by people who think looking beautiful under the disguise of make-up and long weaves is all it takes to be a TV presenter.

I will not waste your time to talk about the FAKE America/British accents these TV presenters who probably do not even have passports put up—and the annoying part of it is that, whatever channel you tune to, you meet them there.

Many of us have stopped listening to radio in order to safeguard our soundness from these FAKE accents and unnecessary conversations, and soon, we will be forced to stop watching these Ghanaian TV Shows—unless the criteria for selecting these TV presenters change.

Before writing this piece, I did a bit of research on how many of these people we see on our TV today became host of the Shows they present. Shockingly, my findings suggest that; most of the TV stations are selling their air time so all you need is money to buy the airtime and then you are free to showcase your poor presenting skills through a Show you have produced or put together.

So this is what happens; madam Abiba feels like being a TV presenter so she steals a talk show idea from a foreign TV, manage to get some cash from whoever is ready to help her annoy viewers and then she goes to a reputation TV station which cares more about the money than anything else to buy a slot—where the poor TV Show will be shown.

The times of fun on Ghanaian TV stations seem to be a thing of the past. Local productions are dead and the on-going on Talk Show/Lifestyle/Entertainment Shows boom is also a mess as many of these presenters do not know ‘jack’ about presenting.

When it comes to interviews, no hard or relevant questions are thrown at guests and if that do not push you to switch channels because the others are as bad as what you are already watching, the fact that you’ve heard that same question and answer thousand times will make you press the OFF button on your remote.

Why can’t we just get things right for once in Ghana?

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