MUST WATCH: On the Top Kenya Actress-Lupita Nyong’o Opens Up to CNN African Voices | Talks About How It All Started for Her Among Other Things…

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Lupita Nyong’o
Lupita Nyong’o

Kenya actress-Lupita Nyong’o whose first feature film-12 Years a Slave has  gotten over 40 awards nominations including the Oscars sat down with  CNN African Voices’ Stephanie Elam, talking about how it all started for her, how she has received the sudden media attention among others…

Like most human beings, Lupita Nyong’o says in the interview that she was scared at the beginning when she considered taking up acting as a full time job since she does not know of any Kenya who makes a full living from acting.

But then, she decided to give it a try because you will never know until you’ve tried….

Watch the interview below


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