The Ghanaian Movie Industry, Forward or Backwards?

Ghana Movies

Ghana Movies

A few days ago we wrote about the strategies most actresses use in the industry and how far or backwards it takes them.

Now I want to talk about the kind of movies being made.

We can no longer say there is no room for good movies in the market because there is! Viewers are more mature, more enlightened and more discerning and they want quality entertainment.  But there is a large lack of quality in the movies we are churning out.

In times when several top actors are pushing for a better Ghanaian movie image internationally and we find movies like ‘Contract’ making Ghana proud out there at the AMVCA’s, why then are we not making good, clean, cinema-type content? At international awards, we only ever hear Ghana mentioned a few times and usually for one or two productions. The rest of the awards are swept away by Nigerian and other nations.

Why can Ghana not get serious with the business and audience of the film industry? The actors are really looking at a movie like the above and proud to list it on their resumes?  Too much ratchetness going on there and yet they call themselves actors or celebrities.

What seems to be happening is this, some producers knock together a story and put desperate girls who are very willing to almost take of their clothes in it to sell the movie.

I came across this movie poster and I was disgusted to say the least. Who writes such stories? First of all, most of the storylines deserve to stay in a bin and it is just ridiculous to see actors accept and even fight to be in such movies.

Half of the cast may never get paid and then they will try so hard using baseless superfluous words in the acting and try too hard to look glamorous in it. Five minutes into watching the movie, you will only chuckle and walk away—because the sheer display of vulgarity is totally unnecessary.

Am I the only one sick of crappy Ghanaian movies overshadowing the good quality movies? I cannot contain myself when I see posters like those above or people point them to Ghana.

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