Light Skin Rules Because All The Dark Skin People & Activists Are ‘Bleaching’ Their Photos…

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Yvonne Okoro

I am a light skin chick—as some of my male friends prefer to disrespectfully call me when I am not around. But the truth is, I am light skin and I am proud to be so.

I do not go about talking down or disrespecting anyone just because the person is dark skin—and I do not believe I am the most beautiful person in my group simply because I am fair in complexion.

Also, I do not see the need to reinforce and paint in the mind of people that light skin is beautiful and we must celebrate that.

However, each day in my life, I come across a person working tireless to tell people like me that, we are not superior to those with dark skin—and I don’t remember anyone saying we are.

Though the truth may hurt, I have come to realize a growing inherent complexity with dark skin people. No one is running a race yet they continue to run and in doing so, they try to make light skin people feel bad.

If you believe your colour is the best and beautiful, you do not need anyone to keep reminding you of this, so you can feel good about yourself without belittling the other person.

Probably, it is the increasing trend of bleaching among the dark skin which has ignited this campaign of ‘help save the dark skin’—leading to unnecessary attacks on innocent light skin chicks like me.

I do not have to say a word and the moment I enter a room, a dark skin person will whisper at the far end of the room; she thinks she is beautiful because of her colour… Really? When did I say anything? I just entered…

You do not build up high self-esteem by simply seeking to make someone feel worst, especially when the person does not care about you and has not signed up for any sort of competition with you and your colour.

It is not a mere coincidence that despite the numerous attempts to fly dark skin, even the campaigners continue to cherish and plant the notion of light skin supremacy in the minds of the same people they seek to protect—through the use of countless image colouring techniques and filters on social media.

I recently took time to check the Instagram photos of my dark skin friends and these are women who claim to celebrate being dark and have sworn never to think for a minute that their color is second to another.  Interestingly, all of them continue to use photo filters to lightening up their photos before posting…

They may not have bleached in person but they continue to ‘bleach’ their photos on social media, highlighting the fact that there is something special about light skin.

If you think I am throwing out garbage, check out the Instagram photos of  your dark skin friends, even the dark skin celebrities and you will witness the widespread of filter usage, purposely to make them look fair in photos.

What does this tell you?

This should not even be a fight because one person cannot engage in a fight—and this is exactly what the situation is…

As light skin girls like ‘me’ continue to build up our confidence and live our lives, several ‘dark skin rule’ activists continue to emerge, preaching day in and out to save the pride of the dark skin woman. I do not have a problem with this but what is the point of using filters to make you appear light anytime you post a photo on social media, if indeed you have firm pride in your complexion?

I cannot tell you who rules but for me, I am not bothered and not intimidated by the day activists who are fans at night…

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