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John Paintsil and Richlove
John Paintsil and Richlove

I saw this coming but I cannot explain why it took so long for Richlove, wife of John Paintsil to put up the courage to do this…

An Opened Gossip GhanaCelebrities.Com published in December, 2013 said the below…

At a time most Ghanaians are pointing fingers at the women for being unfaithful and ungrateful following the recent Odartey Lamptey’s case, it has emerged that a certain Ghanaian footballer who used to play in England allegedly has 4 children with different women outside his marriage.

And his wife who has 3 kids with him does not know what the heck to do—as a result of the kids and the fact that she fully depends on the footballer.

GhanaCelebrities.Com is told that, not long ago when the footballer’s career in England came to an end, his wife tried to stay over in the United Kingdom but the Home Office failed to grant her a visa—-stating that, she was here as a dependant of her husband and therefore if her husband was no more working in the country, there was no grounds for her stay application.

After her unsuccessful attempt to remain in the UK, the wife of this footballer (R) moved to Ghana only to find out that, her husband has been MORE than naughty all the time he has been visiting and staying longer than expected in Ghana.

As at now, the wife of the Ghanaian defender is confused as to what to do. Leaving is not an option as she pretty much depends on the husband for everything including her ‘panties’, a source told GhanaCelebrities.Com.

Despite calls by family and friends, asking ‘R’ to find peace by ending the already struggling marriage, she has remained hushed, enduring the inner hurt which is pushing her towards the doors of depression.

Today’s report by Graphic Showbiz that Ghanaian foot ball star John Paintsil, is heading for the divorce lane as his wife, Richlove Paintsil, has filed for separation at an Accra High Court seems to rest on the above…


I have personally met John Paintsil once and he does not appear like the man who will beat the hell out of his wife like he reportedly did about a year ago. But then, you cannot simply look at a man and draw up his character.

“It is pretty sad that divorce has become necessary but I am happy Richlove has gathered the courage to go for it—since she has not been happy for a long time”, GhanaCelebrities.Com’s source in London told us this morning.


Check out Graphic Sport’s Report below…

Another Ghanaian international football star, John Paintsil, is heading for the divorce lane as his wife, Richlove Paintsil, has filed for separation at an Accra High Court.

However, Paintsil, who at the moment plays for South Africa’s Santos, has reportedly refused to sign the divorce papers, months after he had been served copies of the document.

A source close to Mrs Paintsil told the Graphic Sports that after enduring so much emotional stress and trauma, as well as neglect, Mrs Paintsil felt it was time to move on.

“She has had to put up with a lot from John Paintsil. He travelled to South Africa for a new deal without informing her. Having secured a deal in South Africa, he tried to put up their Trasacco Valley home for sale on the internet without her knowledge and she was just fortunate that there was no buyer, otherwise she and the children would have been homeless.

At the moment, he has not been remitting them and after thinking through, she felt that the best option was for the two to go their separate ways, hence her decision to file for divorce,” the source narrated to the Graphic Sports.

But perhaps, taking a cue from what has befallen his colleague John Mensah, following a divorce ruling, Paintsil is hesitant to sign the divorce papers and the lawyers of Mrs Paintsil have allegedly given him up to the end of this month to sign before considering their next line of action.

Recently, an Accra High Court granted divorce for Mrs Henrietta Mensah against the former Black Stars captain with the ruling that the properties of the star, usually referred to as the ‘Rock of Gibraltar’, be sold and the proceeds shared between them.

Obviously not ready to endure all that, Paintsil has refused to agree with the divorce request and has remained incommunicado since being informed.

This is the latest development in the topsy-turvy relationship of the Paintsils after the footballer allegedly assaulted his wife last year.

The incident which ended up at the East Legon Police station was later resolved amicably, with Mrs Paintsil describing it ‘as one of those misunderstandings between couples.’


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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  1. Just imagine your husband having four kids with different women and abusing you emotionally and physically. It took this woman too long.
    And why is he refusing to sign the divorced papers? He should have thought twice when he decided to cheat (without protection). 

  2. These footballers paa. What is wrong with them? But Richlove too why wait till John is broke for you to file for divorce? no cash for you

    1. yeah your right I dont get it, he runs after everyone ive met soo many girls I know and even bumped into him a few times hes just a dog sleeps around and its awful so many women in africa tolerate these things, I dont get it, arent they scared that the guy will come back and give them an std? its nasty what he does and women need to value their selves a bit more rather than just accepting it.