John Dumelo Does Not Own Any Hair Shop at Accra Mall | Shop Owner Demands John Dumelo to Come Out to Refute Claims of Owning Her Shop


When John Dumelo Launched J.Melo Hair at the Accra Mall

Actor John Dumelo has spewed the wrath of a shop owner at Accra Mall for failing to come out to refute the fact that he owns her shop. A lot of this could be blamed on John’s PR. And we ask if he has one at all.

For some time now Ghanacelebrities.Com has been admonishing people in the entertainment industry to get themselves good and effective PR services. Unfortunately, the few that listen or read our articles on PR choose to go for the incompetent ones just because they don’t want to pay good money for good services. You can read our article on this HERE

According to the shop owner of Hair Depot (dealers in hair pieces, products and accessories), she thinks John has deliberately stayed tight-lipped on the below subject to score points.

In a chat with Ghanacelebrities.Com, the shop owner (name withheld) expressed her disapproval about the fact that people mistake her shop for John’s.  Although she revealed that it was good for her business she felt it was also a great disadvantage.

The shop owner disclosed that two years ago, the actor came to her personally to discuss the possibility of launching his hair line pieces (J.Melo Hair) in her shop and subsequently stocking it with the pieces. The actor successfully launched it with the help of some of his close celebrity confidantes at the shop.

She said after the launch he kept to his word and started stocking his pieces which was mainly human hairpieces. Almost immediately her shop got flooded with ladies looking for his hair line. She admitted she was happy with the outcome and didn’t mind at first when people walked into her shop calling it John’s shop.

Days later, sources close to her called her to say that John had publicly come out to say that her shop was his. She confirmed she heard it herself on TV but didn’t query John about it. Things started getting out of hand when people started saying she was not the actual owner of the shop.

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“People walk into my shop with the notion that it is John’s. Some go to the extent of asking me in my face if this is really John Dumelo’s Shop” she said.

She added, “at first it was good for my business because I was getting more customers but it started to getting me when people started saying it too much and disbelieving me. It was at that point I started letting them know the shop isn’t his but mine. I normally explain to them that he has some hair pieces stock here and that is all. John and I do business that is all”.

In concluding the chat, she chided John Dumelo to come out to refute claims to the shop since it was the prudent thing to do…

The Hair Shop Now…
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2014-03-24 17.00.29

2014-03-24 17.03.46

2014-03-24 17.03.57

2014-03-24 17.04.41

2014-03-24 17.04.54

2014-03-24 17.05.03

2014-03-24 16.59.52

When John Launched his Hair line in the Shop last two years…

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