John Dumelo Does Not Own Any Hair Shop at Accra Mall | Shop Owner Demands John Dumelo to Come Out to Refute Claims of Owning Her Shop


When John Dumelo Launched J.Melo Hair at the Accra Mall

Actor John Dumelo has spewed the wrath of a shop owner at Accra Mall for failing to come out to refute the fact that he owns her shop. A lot of this could be blamed on John’s PR. And we ask if he has one at all.

For some time now Ghanacelebrities.Com has been admonishing people in the entertainment industry to get themselves good and effective PR services. Unfortunately, the few that listen or read our articles on PR choose to go for the incompetent ones just because they don’t want to pay good money for good services. You can read our article on this HERE

According to the shop owner of Hair Depot (dealers in hair pieces, products and accessories), she thinks John has deliberately stayed tight-lipped on the below subject to score points.

In a chat with Ghanacelebrities.Com, the shop owner (name withheld) expressed her disapproval about the fact that people mistake her shop for John’s.  Although she revealed that it was good for her business she felt it was also a great disadvantage.

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The shop owner disclosed that two years ago, the actor came to her personally to discuss the possibility of launching his hair line pieces (J.Melo Hair) in her shop and subsequently stocking it with the pieces. The actor successfully launched it with the help of some of his close celebrity confidantes at the shop.

She said after the launch he kept to his word and started stocking his pieces which was mainly human hairpieces. Almost immediately her shop got flooded with ladies looking for his hair line. She admitted she was happy with the outcome and didn’t mind at first when people walked into her shop calling it John’s shop.

Days later, sources close to her called her to say that John had publicly come out to say that her shop was his. She confirmed she heard it herself on TV but didn’t query John about it. Things started getting out of hand when people started saying she was not the actual owner of the shop.

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“People walk into my shop with the notion that it is John’s. Some go to the extent of asking me in my face if this is really John Dumelo’s Shop” she said.

She added, “at first it was good for my business because I was getting more customers but it started to getting me when people started saying it too much and disbelieving me. It was at that point I started letting them know the shop isn’t his but mine. I normally explain to them that he has some hair pieces stock here and that is all. John and I do business that is all”.

In concluding the chat, she chided John Dumelo to come out to refute claims to the shop since it was the prudent thing to do…

The Hair Shop Now…
2014-03-24 17.00.23

2014-03-24 17.00.29

2014-03-24 17.03.46

2014-03-24 17.03.57

2014-03-24 17.04.41

2014-03-24 17.04.54

2014-03-24 17.05.03

2014-03-24 16.59.52

When John Launched his Hair line in the Shop last two years…

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  • Lin

    Oh so the shop is not for John and he was posing like it his? Asem ooo

  • LA

    Hes nothing but a fraudulent fraud fake sham bogus dude. I just cant, smh

    • akosuaghana

      I am forced to believe you. This John koraa lol

      • LA

        Only fools believe this son of a gun is rich and everything that comes out of his mouth, hes nothing but a poser. Why would the woman complain, she has nothing to lose,John shd stop telling people he owns the shop and also correct them when being asked about the shop, if hes that rich’ let him open his own shop.

  • gemzyangel

    this woman paa, is she sure of what she is saying?? because I know John has NEVER come out to say he has a hair shop at the mall, all that he has said is that he has his hairline stocked up at someone else’s shop at the mall… John has also said he is working towards getting his OWN space for his own hair shop… this lady is very ungrateful for all the business John has brought to her shop, otherwise who would have known about the hair depot??? like seriously??

    • Don’t mind her.. to me i think the lady is not that smart, If John’s hair has attracted customer why come out to say all these. 

      • joy

        The lady is a big gal but very simple. she doesnot need john to sell  her products. I knw her very well, she is called Barbara, she lived in london 4.So long.she owns  abt 3 shops @ the accra mall.  the cosmetic shop on ur right. just be4 u enter shoprite is 4 her  n the Salon just after her hair shop.  John is not the only 1 who supplies her wit Hair pieces so why should he take the credit. Should I also go telling pple I own dat Hair just becos I supply Her hair Pieces ? dats not fair

        • Oheneba Miyagi

          She is a big girl right, why is she worried than

        • Joy according to the article above she stated her self that, John’s hair has given her lots of customers and has benefited a lot from it. This show’s the fame of our local celebrity has added something to her business. Please you don’t know the kind of solid agreement both adults are into so stop saying something you don’t know until John comes out with his story. 

        • Oheneba Miyagi

          @joy read more are you okay in your head, just admit your wrong period cause her family don’t own shit she is just a tenant do your research better you think your the only one who knows people and please keep it clean and don’t insult me, cause you really don’t  want to go there cheers 

      • Oheneba Miyagi

        @jeannie, lol allow her to write I like the part where she wrote how the ladies family owns half of accramall, last time I check it was Mr. Joseph Owusu-Akyaw, a retired career banker who owns it who passed away two years ago cause it was his dream to build a shopping mall in GH and that those people who owns a shop on Accra mall are just tenants 

        • joy

          So u think dat  mall is solely owned by 1 person? dis shows how limited ur knowledge on biznesses in gh is. one person brought up the idea but its not 4 one person waii. u need to read more.@oheneba 

  • akosuaghana

    It looks like John has issue because everyday he comes up as defrauding or cheating someone. Is he the only celebrity in Ghana? There is something fishy about him

  • Oheneba Miyagi

    I guess all these Konkonsa people received a whatsapp message/ bbm message about this topic and decided to pick up your smart phones/notebooks to comment, someone comes out and calls him you guys don’t even use your skull and think why the lady in question is making such a statement 

  • This lady is such a naive… Seriously If you claim John’s hair keeps attracting customers and great profit why come out to reveal all this crap? Lack of knowledge my people perish indeed. This could have been handled in a decent way without this kind of article. What she could have done was to call on john to speak up and say am only a back up with the owner we both do business together so  in a way i can claim the shop too. Is called Marketing oh no now that she has come out with this secret does she thinks the profit and those s*xy girls would be visiting the shop again? Woman go back to school and take some business planning course. In this article i don’t see where John went wrong for some people to accuse him of cheating and defrauding is the woman who’s becoming jealous here, which she has every right to but at the same thing should have thought about her account before letting the cat out the bag. 

    • Oheneba Miyagi

      We’ll spoken 

    • Damn girls akasa. Infact wakasa paa. This was exact thing i was going to comment but luckily waka no yina.

  • Almost immediately her shop got flooded with ladies looking for his hair line. She admitted she was happy with the outcome and didn’t mind at first when people walked into her shop calling it John’s shop.

    So does this woman know what she’s really talking about? He gives you the customers and the money yet you got the guts to look down upon him huh? You didn’t mind at first and now feels is getting to you because the product and the person involve is taking away your shop or what? Is this something she should have brought to public? Woman get a seat and work things out with John after all it was a mutual consent not just his will. Nana oduro with the comment above i do agree with you the woman isn’t serious.

  • In the western world celebrities are paid big bucks for business endorsement. Fortunately, John Dumelo is a very popular celebrity in Ghana, and he is also loved by many ladies. The shop owner should have kept her mouth shut and let her business flourish. Most of her customers patronized her shop because they thought JD owns the shop, what if they stop buying from her after this unnecessary revelation. It doesn’t really matter who people think owns the shop. I wouldn’t be worried about something like that if I have the legal documents to prove the ownership. What people think will not automatically change the ownership. 

    • Lin

      Have you heard of God name is better than riches before?

    • LB

      I hope you don’t mind me quoting you, but thanks for this comment. Spot on!!!

  • Jeff

    3y3 as3m ooh

  • Whattttttttttttttttt?? Is it just me or i feel this woman is really up to something? Omg she’s a fool for bringing this whole article on the net. What sense is she implying? If you’re the rightful owner why not allow the legal documents to testify to it and allow the cash to flow in the name of Jmelo brand? I have a feeling she wanted a quickie with Ghallywood dark coco and he refused thats why she’s here to tarnish his image. If the shops belongs to you cool but what if John withdraw his service from you, how would you feel if there’s no huge income coming in? Mind you on the level that john is on right now, he can afford every beauty supply of his dream so go back and apologize to him to prevent any misunderstanding. 

  • KK

    I will say this a million times. John Dumelo, Majid and the other so-called Ghanaian celebrities are nothing but fake posers. Recently, Majid copied and pasted 100% of some love/marriage advice from the internet said by others (like Bill Cosby) and claimed it to be his own by advising one member of the P-Square…and now this John Dumelo nonsense. Guys, please grow up and stop with all this stupidity.

    • Please get lost because what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense.. We all plagiarize and copy quotes online as our status so please think of something better to write.  

      • Oheneba Miyagi

        He is lost

  • KK

    Are John Dumelo himself? He can afford every beauty supply of his dream? These guys in the “entertainment industry in Ghana are not making anything to talk or brag about, so please stop kidding we all know the truth.

    • Lin

      People actually believe the hype surrounding these celebrities? They have nothing and I guess the shop owner is doing so to protect her business in the long run else

  • Lin

    We all know John Dumelo and the rest have nothing and they just love to live the big way. Maybe he is going about making money with the woman’s shop name such as taking loans or whatever or adding it to his list of lies and the woman is not happy. Whatever it is, it is her shop and she has every right to set the records straight irrespective of the profit John’s name is bring her. Maybe the harm the name is causing her is far greater than the so called profit or customers

    • TiffanyBabe

      Say that again

  • TiffanyBabe

    First of all I think there is something dodgy going on here or there is more to the story that John and the woman are not saying. If John Dumelo is just giving her business then what will he loose to come and out state that he is not the owner of the shop as the woman wants? After all, the woman will be the one to loose . Hmmmmm

  • Lilyy

    hmmmmm JD again, damn…get it together, smh

  • joy

    She is worried becos she owns n pay 4 dat shop n the bills dat come wit it.  dumelo does not so she has everyrite to set the records straighht. for your information,her fam owns almost half of the accra mall. she is def a big gal 

    • B.B

      why does she have to worry if she has the necessary documents of the shop?

      • joy

        If u accomodate ur frnd in ur house n He goes abt telling pple heis rada accomodating n feeding u in his house,ll u be happi wit? its be real Here

    • Oheneba Miyagi

      @joy read more are you okay in your head, just admit your wrong period cause her family don’t own shit she is just a tenant do your research better you think your the only one who knows people and please keep it clean and don’t insult me, cause you really don’t  want to go there cheers 

  • msbee

    i think i read an article somewhere last year when John mentioned the shop wasn’t his and was only supplying hair stuff so y this article. writer pls do some lil research before u write. at least this is what the lady said, ve u confronted john regarding this issue?

  • B.B

    Doesnt she have the documentation of her shop? So why the noise?

    I have a feeling John D. made some  promises to her and she opened her legs for him and now she’s coming up with this story aiming to embarrass John, after she realize John wont fulfill his promise. 😛

  • Vic

    Which planet am I from? Never heard of j melo weave collection.2 yrs ago I was busily being a new mother.Madam I don’t get ur story using j melo to front ur business and its flourishing for you why not keep quiet.