VGMA Board Member – Fredyma Admits the Board Made Mistakes and Pleads For Forgiveness

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Theresa Ayoade
Theresa Ayoade

Fred Kyei Mensah, a respected sound engineer, arts analyst and also a member on the VGMA board, has admitted that the board erred in the cause of their works – the nomination list.

On Thursday 3rd April, 2014, the Executive Director of Charterhouse – organizers of VGMA, Mrs. Theresa Ayoade, confirmed GhanaCelebrities.Com’s earlier report that VGMA shall not review this year’s controversial nomination list – irrespective of all the call on them to do so; on Peace 104.3 fm’s ‘Entertainment Review.’

Mrs. Ayoade made the point that though the board detected that there were some issues with some of the categories due to the changing times with technology, it was too late to make any bold changes to the nomination list before releasing it.

“We detected after the board’s work that there were some issues, developing trends has set into the industry but at that time, it was too late for us to do any bold changes because we had a few days to announce the nominations.

We had to exercise our discretion (as in, release the nomination list) with the view that after the scheme, we would have a general review and then explain the challenges we had with some members of the industry as we normally do, then, we would evaluate it (the new trends) properly to see if it’s a one way situation or a growing trend in the industry.

At the end of the award, we shall do a total review and take into consideration the trends that have come. The last time we reviewed the nomination list was 2 years ago.” She said.

According to Mrs. Ayoade, some of the things that they shall change/review in the award scheme include: Album of the Year, Release of Song – its definition, and New Artiste of the Year.

Fredyma, who is known for his honest opinions, admitted that the board erred and pleaded for sympathy, “we admit certain things did not go well and that is the criteria definitions. Forgive us! We shall make all the necessary changes. We thank the media for all they have said.”

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So per cognitive logic, it means the VGMA board, knew the nomination list is fraught with errors even before the release of the nomination list, yet, when it was released and critics raised issues, some members of the board defended every issue that was raised; to the extent that some even had verbal confrontation with critics on live radio and television.

After all the so called technical explanations from some board members, now here we are, with a member of the VGMA board and the Executive Director of Charterhouse, admitting to errors in the nomination list and pleading for forgiveness.

As the saying goes, “the most stubborn thing in this world is TRUTH.” No matter how you hide the TRUTH, it will surely come out someday.

GhanaCelebrities.Com is of the opinion that if the VGMA board had come out with the above reason right from the time critics started querying the list, critics might have taken it easy on them – after all, none is perfect!

To those VGMA board members who defended the nomination list with all their emotions, creating the impression that the list is ‘ne plus ultra’ so no man born of a mortal woman can query it or call for some changes to be made to it, GhanaCelebrities.Com says SHAME ON YOU for misinforming the public! Until then…MOTWUM!!


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