EXCLUSIVE – Imajin Advertising to Consider Kojo Antwi For 2014 Legends And Legacy Ball

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Kojo Antwi
Kojo Antwi

A source at Imajin Advertising has revealed to GhanaCelebrities.Com that music maestro, Kojo Antwi, is the musician to be celebrated or honoured – Legends and Legacy Ball 2014.

Legends and Legacy Ball is an annual musical concert organized by Imajin Advertising to honour legendary Ghanaian musicians. According to our source, Imajin Advertising allegedly signed, sealed and delivered a performance contract with Kojo Antwi as far back as last year (2013) April and subsequently paid Kojo Antwi part of his performance fee – awaiting the balance. The money was humongous we learnt!

Unfortunately, Kojo Antwi was not honoured because, after signing the contract agreement, Imajin Advertising allegedly approached Kojo Antwi later and proposed new clauses which were not in the original contract they signed. Imajine Advertisingallegedly wanted to use some of Kojo’s songs as MTN Caller Tunes – because MTN is the headline sponsor of the concert.

Since that new proposal or clause was not in their earlier signed contract, Kojo Antwi insisted they review the earlier contract and capture Imajin’s new proposal into it and seal it off, else, he won’t allow Imajin to do that. Imajin allegedly refused.

Again, Imajin Advertising allegedly wanted Kojo Antwi to perform with ‘Shabo Crew Band’ (contracted by Imajin Advertising for the musical concert) but Kojo Antwi preferred Kwame Yeboah’s ‘Ohia be ye ya Band’ which he feels more comfortable performing with.

Considering the additional cost of hiring ‘Ohia be ye ya Band’ to ‘Shabo Crew Band,’ Imajin Advertising insisted Kojo Antwi perform with the ‘Shabo Crew Band’ but Kojo declined. Also, Imajin Advertising allegedly, wanted to film the concert and later sell the CD copies, but since that provision or clause was not in their earlier signed contract, Kojo Antwi insisted they review the earlier contract and capture that too.

Aside the filming of the concert and CD selling proposal, Kojo Antwi, who is known for quality and professionalism (just as Imajin Advertising), wanted Imajin to assure him of which camera operator will film, what camera would be used and whether it will be burnt unto a DVD instead of VCD.

According to our source, Kojo Antwi told Imajin Advertising that the main reason why he is not able to sell filmed edition of his over 20 years 24th December with Kojo Antwi, is because of quality. Kojo Antwi allegedly said “If I compare my concert footage with my other African music legends like Yousour Ndour and Salif Keita, I cringe. Theirs are better filmed, directed, and packaged for selling.”

Our source revealed further that the negotiation dragged for over 3 months with each party not prepared to compromise. At a point, MUSIGA had to set in but the ever independent minded Kojo Antwi refused to ‘surrender’ just as Imajin.

“At the end of the day, Imajin Advertising had to drop Kojo Antwi and quickly fall on A. B. Crentsil because time was not on our hands. That is how come last year we could not celebrate Kojo Antwi, but this year, he is our legend. All is set,” Our source revealed.

Ending with us, our source made it emphatic that irrespective of the back and forth disagreement that ensued between Kojo and Imajin, there is absolutely no bad blood between the two parties. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for the actual day Imajin Advertising officially announce Kojo Antwi to confirm our scoop. Until then…MOTWUM!!


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