Carlos Sakyi…Why Don’t You Resign? Integrity is Far Better than Money

Carlos Sakyi


I was supposed to write this piece last week but I got pushed into other writings and at long last, I am letting it flow—as it should be.

I’ve never met Carlos Sakyi and I have never listened to his music which may not still be on the market—because it is too old to be found, let alone have any substantial claim to royalties. In fact, I got introduced to Carlos Sakyi’s radio commentary on Peace Fm’s Entertainment Review and from the many times I listened to him, he came across as a man who had done some readings on Copyright Law—though limited.

Despite the fact that he is not a Copyright expert (and I hope he does not claim to be), he has an unshakable passion needed to push any campaign, and this he manifested through his zealous submissions when it came to Copyright issues and those relating to the welfare of Ghanaian musicians.

From the numerous times I listened to him, I formed an assumption of a man who stands for integrity that translates into a bid to ensure that what is right is done. He had no problem articulating how Ghanaian musicians are being taken for granted—copyright wise. He always presented strong cases that indeed indicted many of the bodies that use the work of Ghanaian musicians without paying the appropriate fees and royalties.

Considering Carlos Sakyi’s level of advocacy, one would assume that being the Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) for an interim period purposely to prepare the way for a constitutionally elected board and Chairman was a test of his commitment to what he had always preached—-the rule of law.

But over the months, he has been slapped with several issues which raise concerns about his commitment to the rule of law and the general welfare of Ghanaian musicians. Among all the prima facie cases put against him, the most worrying of them all is the violation of the existing constitutional provision on tenure of office for the interim board.

Though the provisional constitution allocates not more than 2 years to the interim board, led by Carlos Sakyi as the Chairman, the board has stayed in power for more than 2 years. This is grossly unacceptable when it comes to adherence to the rule of law and commitment to constitutional provisions.

Apart from the above, Carlos Sakyi has received several resignation letters from some of the prominent members he was on the board with, all citing ‘corruption, incompetence and the long standing constitutional violation’ as some of their reasons of leaving the organisation’s leadership behind.

In the face of all the above and countless on air indictments thrown at Carlos Sakyi on various networks, he still holds his position—-paying himself around 3000GHS each month (speculated amount so it could be more or less). Some have said he is power drunk and others have stated that he is corrupt and has himself in position so to be able to enjoy the monthly remuneration.

It shocks my intellect that a man who had such a fine advocacy posture and was presumed as full of integrity by even those of us who live thousands of miles across the ocean will allow 3000GHS a month to soil the essence of his existence. Can’t he just find a job and make that much or even more each month?

If you are in charge of an organisation and the members or key individuals begin to doubt your competence and genuine interest to ensuring their welfare, you resign and go on with your life—unless you just don’t care about your integrity and cannot survive without the ‘chilling’ monthly remuneration.

For just 3000GHS, a man will subject himself to these consistent ‘diabolical’ comments against his person and continue to taint his reputation so to undermine his own integrity?

Like I said in the beginning, I do not know this man but I thought he stood for the truth, respected the rule of law and cared about majority views.

Carlos Sakyi, integrity is better than money—and being able to say, I am a proponent of the rule of law in the face of all the falling stones is a great statement, compared to whatever statement you can make at the back of money.

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