THE BIG QUESTION: What Do Ghanaian Men Really Want? Thick Or Slim Women?

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There is this unofficial trending assertion that Ghanaian men like and adore light skin women—and I do not want to look at this, at least not for today.

We cannot for sure know what all Ghanaian men want but we can certainly draw a close to correct conclusion by considering what we generally hear and see—giving the majority some legs to walk on.

As a woman, there came a time in my life when I felt I was lacking behind in the dating game and people who know me understand my preference-a Ghanaian man or no man.

During my low catching days, I became so worried to the extent that I began looking into what Ghanaian men really want so to adjust my self to it in order to make a catch.

It was during this time that I heard it all; some saying Ghanaian men like slim women and the majority saying Ghanaian men love thick women.

I clearly remember one of my male friends saying ‘who wants bones to bones, a man needs some thick body to serve as a cushion’. And by thick, the woman must have big backside too.

As slim as I am, I got more worried when almost all my thick friends had men (with some even having two or more). Eventually, I met my own catch and today, we are happily living together.

However, I have still not been able to figure out what most Ghanaian men really want. I am sure there is a preference—-just that I have not been able to figure it out.

So let’s get talking and from our experiences and views, we may be able to establish what our Ghanaian men really want. And the men out here can also tell us about their preferences…

So what do you know? Do Ghanaian men like thick or slim women? If you are a man reading this, what is your taste?

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  1. Am a woman but my hubby is kinda slim. He says for that reason, he wants his wife a bit thick.So its all preference.

  2. From my experience most Ghanaian men like thick women. I do not
    mean very fat women but those with enough body and skin. It is a common
    knowledge that Ga men love very FAT women, the fantis love those who are thick
    but fat ass too. The Ashanti men love thick women too.

    1. what a stupid way to generalize a whole ethnic group. Can’t you say anything without bringing tribe into it. Dumb bytch.

  3. i like thick women as my sidechicks and fckbuddies and i like slim moderate body as my main girlfriend. Becca’s body is perfect for me.

  4. I think most Gh men likes their women nice and curvy with a bit of flesh,but vagina on bones I don’t think they fancy.

  5. Your guess is right. Majority of my friends I spoke to this afternoon prefer a curvy stature (whether thick or slim). The bigger the backsides, the better. The taller, the better. The lighter the skin, the better. But certainly not a skinny body as the westerners try to portray. A few are particularly obsessed with a petite and cute stature (surprisingly this group are taller men). I sampled 20 friends. My personal vote goes for bigger woman

  6. Slim slim slim ,I if I will date a Ghanaian I prefer thick with enough ass and enough boobs ,well give me the boobs of confi face of Jackie Appiah and body of becca…my perfect woman

  7. From my experience Ghanaian men love thick women (I don’t mean fat). All my male friends have thick women. I cannot even think of any with a very slim person. It seems by nature, most Ghanaian women are thick anyway so it is only reasonable that the men like to be such women.

    I love women with some bit of skin too.

  8. i think Ghanaian men like women with big boobs,big ass and a little thick cos sometimes they think of how to carry u when the heat in bed is high and any emergency…….hahahahaha yh na true

  9. Our men likes it thickkkk.. I only become thicker when am pregnant and now am trying to maintain. My husband is so slim so needs some flesh from me. I guess is natural one has to be thick and other has to be skinny.

  10. Help !!! I fell in love with a man for Ghana who is lived here in the US for seven years his mother just informed him that because of his royalty bloodline he must marry someone from Ghana… Is there anything I can do to change the situation or present to his mother??? I’m completely devastated and heartbroken

  11. I’m a white guy and love slender yet curvy women (36 24 36 for example) of any color from jet black to alabaster. It’s the shape that drives me crazy.