Ghanaian Gospel Musicians Ought To Step Up Their Game

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Gifty Osei


Music is definitely one of the things that make life enjoyable. Without it, you can visualize how mind-numbing the universe will be. It is of this reason why there exist several musicians who entertain us with good songs.

In our era, a song is incomplete without an amazing music video accompanying it. For the benefits that music video brings, the musicians themselves know.

Music videos are not limited to only secular musicians. Gospel artistes are free to shoot videos for their songs. Some years back, the quality and concept of our musicians’ music videos were nothing to write home about. Things have improved a bit in this our technological age. Some musicians try as much as possible to use better equipments to shoot their music videos to get the right quality. When we put secular musicians and gospel artistes in Ghana side by side, we can notice great difference between music videos by these sets of artistes.

Over time, I’ve realised that, secular musicians pay extra attention to the kind of concepts they use. The concepts, most often, reflect the ideas conveyed by the songs. I love the fact that secular musicians now pay meticulous attention locations they choose for their music videos as well. The same thing cannot be said about gospel artistes.

For some time now, I’ve paid much attention to gospel music videos in Ghana. The gospel artistes are still struggling with the idea of coming up with innovative concepts. As for the kind of locations they choose for their music videos, I better not say anything about them.

The most common thing that you will first observe in most, if not all, Ghanaian gospel music videos are flowers. A gospel artiste can stand close to a flower for more than three minutes in the video. Workers of parks and gardens are not even attracted to flowers like that.

From start to the end of a Ghanaian gospel music video, you see no sign of creativity exhibited. Just recently, I watched one gospel music video from a renowned Ghanaian gospel musician. Nothing was more painful to me than wasting my time, energy, and eyes to watch such a mediocre music video. The setting was simple – the musician and his companions behind drums and microphones. The entire music video was captured in a single scene. Many gospel music videos I’ve watched suffer from the same canker.

What at all is wrong with the creative faculties of our gospel musicians and the directors who direct their music videos? It’s time for them to come out of their hypocritical shelves and step up their game in making effective music videos that communicate the thoughts of the songs. We are tired of looking at seas and flowers.


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