Asamoah Gyan Under More Attack Over Castro’s Death | And Janet Bandu’s Family is Not Left Alone Either…

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Castro and Asamoah Gyan1
Castro and Asamoah Gyan

It looks like some people have a lot of problems with how Janet Bandu’s family has handled their media relation and even Asamoah Gyan over the death of Castro and Janet…

A certain Ghanaian woman who has made it her part time work to dissect and slam the above named people is back with part two of her first message, which some of our readers totally agreed with.

This woman is pretty upset and thinks Janet Bandu’s family lied when they said they did not know Janet was in anyway friends with Castro.

She also descends on Asamoah Gyan, asking, with all the money he has—he couldn’t hire helicopters on the day of Castro’s disappear to look for his friend?

Listen to the audio below…The bodies of Castro and Janet have not still been found.



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