VIDEO: Mallam Who Went to Ada to Bring Castro Back Nearly Got Drowned & Started Calling for Help

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Mallam drowns trying bring back Castro
Mallam drowns trying bring back Castro

Ghana is full of comedians calling themselves mallams, prophets, spiritualist and whatever. A mallam who kept throwing out words like he “has seen Castro and he is alive”—and he could go and bring him from the Ada river got the shock of his life.

After all the public noise, TV3 followed Mallam Eliasu to Ada to see what he can do. After he started chanting and throwing out some of his ‘confused words’, the mallam jumped into the water—still chanting.

And then things changed, he started drowning and he if not for the people who quickly saved him by pulling him into the canoe, he would have been gone.

This is funny but it shows how fake these people are….

Do you see the mallam is wearing a life jacket? What does he need that for? He is a mallam for Christ sake, he should be able to vanish into thin air when there is any danger so why the life jacket? Joker…

They should have taken him to the DEEPER side.

Check out the video below



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