Tamale Seks Tape Kingpin Says – I Recorded The Seks Video 7 Years Ago – Tamale Chief Demand He’s Lashed In Public As Punishment



The guy who slept with several ladies and filmed them in Tamale and the videos got leaked last week, has finally come out to say that the whole act happened 7 years ago and that it was far from his intention to leak the videos.

First, GhanaCelebrities.Com wishes to put it on record that the Ghanaian Black Star player whose fiancée was in the Tamale seks tape is alleged to be Abdul Majeed Waris. Waris is said to have paid for the lady’s traditional head drink and was to do the traditional marriage on last Friday, 2nd August, 2014 – only for the seks tape to be leaked just 2 days before – Wednesday, 30th July, 2014.

Ever since this happened, many have asked for the where about of the man involved but to no avail. Fortunately, Accra based radio station Adom FM interviewed him. According to the guy (spoke from Canada) whose name was only revealed as Kamel, he said “I recorded it 7 years ago.

“It’s not something that happened in recent times. I did not sleep with all of them on the same night or at the same time. I dated them separately. Asked how the tapes leaked, he said “I recorded and kept them on my hard drive. I live in Canada so I left Ghana and came to Canada. It was when I was going through my things that I realized the hard drive was missing.

“Apparently, someone stole it and it got into the hands of some guys at University of Development Studies UDS and they leaked it. Ending, he pleaded with the general public to forgive him for whatever has happened: “I plead with everyone to forgive me. I regret doing so and have learnt my lesson” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Tamale is asking the President of Ghana to instruct the National Security and Interpol to arrest the guy and “import” him to Ghana to be lashed in public – Tamale as punishment, pay some amount of money, sacrifice a cow to appease the ancestors and to pacify the Tamale Township of curses.

Having Watched one of the seks tapes, this young man can be termed as a callous ‘animal’ who does not deserve to ever have seks with any female till God comes. In one of the 1 minute videos GhanaCelebrities.Com watched, this guy is seen bonking a lady like there’s an ignition in his waste. He kneads the lady’s boobies as though he’s kneading flour to make some bread.

The seks scandal hit Tamale on Wednesday, 30th July, 2014. The seks tape involved more ladies. The ladies captured in the said videos have fled the city to avoid humiliation. The women feel embarrassed not only because the pictures and videos went viral but also because residents in the area take turns to pay awkward visits to their work places and homes just to have scornful glimpse at them.

Some of the women are staff of a reputable organization in Tamale, with others being nurses from one of the hospitals in the region. The Tamale Police have since launched an investigation into the matter. GhanaCelebrities.Com is still following up on this story for any update. Until then…MOTWUM!!

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