Why Do People Admit Wrong in Ghana, Yet Are Left to Go Scot Free?

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A recent story about the sentencing of some National Health Insurance Authority personnel for their part in a scam has really left me scratching my head. There were three accused persons, yet one of them who pleaded guilty managed to escape with nothing more than an order to refund the stolen money.

Now a situation like this on its own is not particularly remarkable, but you couple this with other happenings in the country; such as the Presidential Committee sittings where people come and admit their wrong doings, apologise and then leave unscathed, and I see something seriously wrong with our concept of justice in this country.

The case involving two NHIA officers and a co-conspirator, which led to the scheme being defrauded to the tune of Ghc 131,409.26, was resolved after the judge sentenced the two to five years imprisonment.

The third party in the swindling case, Juliana Opoku-Manu, the administrator of the Samatex Hospital whose stipends were diverted by the trio for their own gain, pleaded guilty to the charges and managed to escape with a directive to refund her part of the money.

This might be nothing to raise a storm over, she might have accepted a plea deal to help nail the other two; but I mention this because cases like these occur far too often down here, and far too many times we confuse an admission of guilt with contrition and thus let the offending party go scot free.

That should not be the case; an admission of guilt does not make the offence committed any less wrong! By allowing people the luxury of being let go after admitting their wrong we’re just setting an unfortunate precedent for beating the system in the future.

Earlier this month, police arrested Shatta Wale for causing some traffic problems with his motorcade on the 37-roundabout stretch of road. The disruption caused by his actions was massive, but he told Police he was late for a flight and promised not to repeat his actions; he was let go with nothing but a verbal warning.

That is nothing more than an unwitting free pass to the artiste; why would the hubris that led to him blocking traffic because he was late; leave him, particularly after he got away with his actions?

How about the currently ongoing Presidential Committee into the World Cup fiasco? So far almost everyone called before the commission has given evidence that proves either gross incompetence, criminal negligence, or a wilful attempt to gulp down as much money as possible without being caught.

Yet what is the response of the esteemed committee members? Elvis Afriyie Ankrah shed a few tears and he was consoled by the committee. An appearance by a marketing consultant, Fred Darko, contradicted a chunk of Elvis’ testimony, pointing to a deeper problem that needs to be unravelled.

The former Youth and Sports Minister is the furthest thing from a martyr, yet his appearance before the committee was carefully orchestrated to give that vibe, and the committee members bought it hook, line, and sinker; because he came with a contrite demeanour.

An outward show of repentance does not equal a cancellation of the seriousness of the crime committed. The sooner we understand this concept, and punish those deserving, the better. Otherwise we’re just giving carte-blanche to people, particularly the powerful in society, to offend, knowing a show of remorse is all that is needed to get out of any repercussions.


GC Contributor | Regina Sackey-Addo
Reggie is a Journalism and Media Studies graduate with an unbelievable talent for writing and editing. She loves nothing better than trawling through gossip magazines and websites for the latest info on all her favourite celebrities. With a no-nonsense, yet unbiased style of writing, she hopes write articles which will not only entertain readers, but also serve to generate topical discussions. E-Mail: Regina@ghanacelebrities.com BBM pin: 2320FEE4


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  1. Yes! The laws of man may set them free, but the laws of Nature (God) will definitely not set them free. The wages of sin is death and it’s awaiting them ahead. Nemesis will soon catch up with them!

    N, O, Sinare, my mom’s twin sister too? hahahahahahaha u guys are joking…she took her bitter pills. u shd visit her since u re the one who goes to them to offer marriage destruction contracts. ur current stuff has backfired, so prepare ur note. one reason why my FATHER shd still supply oxygen into the nostrils of the wicked?!!! All these while ur saving grace is ur little 3 year old girl who u have ruined. i think u shd thank her everyday that u are still alive!

    NB; Next time u are entering the USA, make sure u have the world Best Security Men around…u can only imagine ha?

  2. Oh, my God, how i Love USA! I’m in Love with u America?!!!
    We are the land of the free because of the Brave!
    A hero is not the man who has his name at the back of his jersey
    But the man who has his country flag at the arm of his uniform.
    R.I.P to all gallant American Soldiers who lost their lives at war
    So we can live free! Respect!