Did Ghana Police Really Investigate Castro & Janet Bandu’s Disappearance? | How Could They Have Without Formally Interviewing Alberta Tetteh or Asamoah Gyan? + What the Oracles Have SAID So Far…

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Ghana Police
Ghana Police

We saw photos of several police men, marine officers and other law enforcement agencies at Ada with others running around on the river on which Castro and Janet Bandu were said to have gone missing—giving us the indication that our men are at work, searching and taking investigations seriously.

But after Alberta Tetteh, a key witness and the friend of Janet Bandu who invited her to Ada came out yesterday to say the police have not interviewed her and she has not written any statement, we ask; what sort of investigation did the police carry?

Though unconfirmed, we are told Asamoah Gyan has not also been interrogated and he has not written any official statement too, many weeks after the incident.

Castro De Destroyer
Castro De Destroyer

But the Ghana Police has assured us of their efforts to get to the bottom of the disappearance but how they intend to do this without taking notes or interest in the key witnesses is a little bizarre.

In related news, GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told that, certain family members and close friends of Castro have consulted several powerful oracles for the spirit of Castro to be called by these spiritualists for interrogation.

And on all occasions, they spirit of Castro has failed to appear, with the Oracles saying, he is not dead and that is why his spirit is not appearing…

For those who understand and believe in spirituality, this is an indication that, there is more to the Castro and Janet Bandu disappearance than we think.

How come Janet Bandu’s family seems to be the only speaking and worried group? Where is the family of Castro at this stage?


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