Is President Mahama The Worst President We Have Ever Had? Some People Seriously Think So

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John Mahama


I was reading a young lady’s blog today. Her name is Nana Ama and she wrote about why President Mahama just may go down as the worst leader ever. I was intrigued although there’s nothing about her rant that is a lie. We all know the facts and we have all vented in many ways but let me ask you, do you think/feel the same?

If you are old enough to have seen several governments before this one, then you will have a more objective and acceptable view.

I personally haven’t seen too many but I have witnessed enough to form an opinion. I was born into the Rawlings administration and I remember that period for some intensive focus on agriculture which yielded results. If for nothing, our bellies were full!

Then came his former Excellency, John Agyekum Kuffour with his financial sector improvement. His government was accused of many corrupt practices as it is with every government but we saw him improve on many things too. Ghanaians nicknamed him the gentle giant.

Fast forward to Agya Atta Mills who we lost to the cold hands of death. The ‘Asumdwe Hene’ did his best for Ghanaians and although we didn’t grow as fast as we wanted to, we at least managed sustenance.

Then ‘Fine Boy’ Mahama came. I cannot even talk his matter. Eiii! We had hopes, so many. Because he had been in the Atta Mills government and so Ghanaians were so sure he would lead us to some semblance of greatness. But months turned into years and the harsh truth didn’t just hit home, it dug deep into our pockets and ravaged our very standard of living—eroding decent livelihoods to a bare minimum. We were not living the dream but we were surviving. If you have lived life before though, you will know survival is not LIFE!

The slowdown was blamed on frozen national accounts during the high court hearing of the election petition. Well, those accounts were unfrozen a long time ago. But what have we witnessed? An incompetence so palpable the IMF has been summoned to step in. ‘’Step in mighty IMF and save these clueless Ghanaians from perishing’’

The question arises, what are we perishing from? From self-inflicted economic woes. From our very own selfishness that drove us to make rationally inexplicable decisions that have brought the Ghanaian economy down on its knees to an all-time low.

It would make the situation more bearable if we actually saw the government working in favour of the people.

All governments have scandals but the scandals of this present government have been so elementary and jarring that even children can see the incompetence. Why does it continually seem like the government knows all the problems but will rather dilly dally and go through processes that further cause financial loss to the country only to throw the results aside and do nothing!

GYEEDA, SADA are only but a few scandals. What happened to the Akonfem farming that chopped Ghana’s millions? I believe those fowls are still flying around in Burkina…Pathetic!

Recently, we found ourselves hit with the CHRAJ scandal. Who will save Ghana? Who will save Ghana? Because our national coffers seem to have turned into a ‘free chop’ Bonanza for most in government. Ghana is bleeding! We are out there asking for all forms of aid just so people in government can squander on frivolities. The whole world watched us make a fool of ourselves at the world cup. But guess what? The officials who run the world cup events are still at post. Nothing has been done to them!

The CHRAJ boss is still shamelessly and impudently at post. What does government do when these things happen? They set up a committee. Yes my friend, you heard me! Government cannot do anything about any situation with a thousand facts seen by the entire world except to set up a committee! Pay several more people to sit and discuss what we all know—digging deeper in our wounds.

Why does the President allow this? Is it because he is an active participant in this rot? The government drags issues so long they expect us to forget but let me tell you something, I do not forget, many Ghanaians have not forgotten. We have just gotten tired of complaining. And besides, the scandals are too many to even complain. We have been shocked into silence.

Is this government the worse government you have witnessed? Given their clueless and heartless approach to so many economic scandals? I do not know but I know one thing for sure, we are waiting for the next election very patiently. That is when we will come out and show the world that we know everything and we will exercise our rights accordingly…

Long live Ghana.


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