SHOCKING: Ama Boahemaa’s Former Manager Has Come Out To Say That He LOVED and APPRECIATED Ama’s Earlier Bleaching Stages

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Gospel musician-Ama Boahemaa
Gospel musician-Ama Boahemaa

Mr. John Mensah Sarpong, who discovered former dark-now-turned ‘Micheal Jackson’ female gospel musician, Ama Boahemaa, has come out to say that he really appreciated the said artist’s earlier bleaching stages.

Just as Itz Tiffany’s recently leaked seks tape is about to take the noise-baton from Ama ‘Michael Jackson’ Boatemaa’s bleached skin saga, former manager, in fact, the executive producer who discovered, recorded, branded, and promoted Ama Boahema, John Mensah Sarpong, has come out to set the fire ablaze with a rather puerile remarks on the whole issue.

“I have seen the stories making rounds in the media. Honestly, I was not happy at it. Now that she is not in Ghana, maybe she might have married a man who likes a fair lady and so if she does not become fair, he will leave her.

“About two and a half years ago, I saw that she had become fair. She sent me pictures of her and her child – but then, her fairness was ok, but now it’s like she has turned white. Then, I really liked her fairness. It was nice, very beautiful. I really admired it!

I saw that she had changed her housing. She has toned her skin. It was not as sparkling as it is now. I really liked it” John Mensah opined. However, he admitted that Ama is by birth or nature, a very dark skinned person which he admired then too.

Listen to what Ama Boahenmaa’s former manager had to say;


John Mensah Sarpong also said in two weeks time, he will be travelling to Europe and will definitely visit Ama to ascertain her bleached skin as it has been reported by the media and if possible, give a report while he is still there.

Whilst some have already started insulting Ama’s former manager, others are of the opinion that, he failed to play the role of an elderly character – thus, advise her to have stopped bleaching right from the earlier stages. What do you think? Share a thought. Until then…MOTWUM!!



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  1. JMS has made it worse koraa now..what the what??that was what he had to say??u could hear a dude saying “akoa wai paaa”lol