Sonnie Badu Says He Will Dance to Adult Music AGAIN | Sort of Screw the Critics Approach

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Sonnie Badu Wedding
Sonnie Badu Wedding

During gospel musician-Sonnie Badu’s recent wedding in London to already mother of one- Ann-Marie Davis, the two danced to Kwabena Kwabena’s Adult Music which is full of sexual undertone lyrics—and many at the time said, a gospel musician should not have played and dance to that song at his wedding.

Following that, a reader of GhanaCelebrities.Com sent in an email to also slammed Sonnie Badu of allegedly ‘chopping down’ Ghanaian musician-Becca and promising her marriage but failing to marry her—rather married a Jamaican.

Speaking to Bola Ray on Starr FM yesterday, Sonnie Badu who addressed the Adult Music backlash said he was not upset or surprised that the critics came for his ‘gospel’ head.

When asked if he would dance to the tune again, he replied “Yes, with my wife in the house I would. She loves it, in fact she loves the beat and it was good introducing her to African music.”

He added that “Kwabena Kwabena is a good songwriter. I would go to a Kwabena Kwabena show.In fact I spoke to him and I said yeah I’m coming to your show cos I’m a big fan of his.”

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  1. woaaaaaa…..look…this is soooo absurd…Den de next day u will go abt saying ppl shd sing songs that give praise to God and not express pain ..
    mayb u shd love the beats of those songs tooooo….mtchewwwww

  2. Adult music is a love song for the adult….about love making…Sonnie Badu and wife are adult….they make love….ergo they dance to it….so all ya hypocrites behind can sit down….pls dance to it and feel free….as if ya all Christians don’t bu atopa gyain gyain…..akoshwifuo