VIDEO: Kennedy Agyepong Says Cocaine Girl is the Girlfriend of President Mahama’s Brother & Also She is Being Chopped Down By the CEO of Ghana Cocoa Board

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Ken Agyepong
Ken Agyepong

It looks like the cocaine girl’s saga is not going to end anytime soon—and even though she has refused to mention any names, some people back home have been doing a lot of fingering.

According to the outspoken Member of Parliament-Kennedy Agyepong, the arrested cocaine girl- Nayele Ametefeh aka Rubby Appiah is the girlfriend of two prominent Ghanaians-the brother of President Mahama, Ibrahim Mahama and Dr. Stephen Kwabena Opuni (CEO of Ghana cocoa board).

Apparently, the girl is double dating these two men—and he even has photos of the girl and Ibrahim Mahama.

From Kennedy Agyepong’s submission, he seems sure of what he is saying—and he seems to have further details of the events that led to the arrest of the girl.

From the VVIP lounge at the Kotoka International Airport to Heathrow where the girl is said to have pulled out or shouted that she has a diplomatic passport and therefore cannot be arrested, Ken Agyepong says it all…

And it is not easy to silent Kofi Adams so the fact that Kofi Adams is not talking may also mean that Ken is pouring out the truth

Watch the video below…




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  1. It not an allegation it a fact,kofi Adams is nowhere and can never be compared to ken AGYAPONG y he dey mad?see how he has just kept quiet this shows he knows where he stands and thats is shame and ignorance.Ibrahim Mahama n women sometymes i wonder,oh why do i even wonder when they are from same father,,,LIKE FATHER LIKE SON’S.The Mahamas are cursed when it comes to women!SMH

  2. 3boboba, by time this cocaine saga over, no amount of damage control will repair the characters of all involved and i love it. NPP 2016 by hook or crook

  3. Mr Agyapong and his Big mouth…I like this man cause he will always say the truth no matter how hard it’s he just make it happen..and i love what he said that we are talking about Ghana here not NPP and NDC…Wow

  4. So guilt by association eh? What Ken Agyepong, sadly from my alma mater, wants us to believe is that he is responsible for any crimes committed by any girl he’s shagged. Well if that is the case, then Samini, KOD et al are all responsible for this cocaine debacle as well. Because they’ve come in contact with her.