Bishop Obinim Tells Former President Rawlings to Mind His Own Business Or Jesus Would Deal With Him

J J Rawlings

J J Rawlings

It’s always interesting when these Men of God lose their cool and go on rants about how they would deal with others; you notice it always happens whenever someone slightly questions their supposed anointing?

For me whenever a Man of God spews out threats he loses all credibility that instant, though fortunately in this case Obinim had no credibility to begin with. I agree 1000% with everything President Rawlings said, and it seems Obinim does too, thus this loud warning served to intimidate; it seems the former President’s comments struck a little too close to the truth.

For those who do not remember the former President passed some comments earlier this month concerning the worrying trend of pastor’s who spend all day performing ‘miracles’ and the prominence the media gives such broadcasts. He felt they were contributing to the ignorance of some segments of society and should be pulled off-air.

Obinim has taken his sweet time to reply, but he has done so nonetheless, according to this citifmonline report. In his long overdue reply, he calls the former President an old man who should mind his own business; otherwise he would be dealt with.

“You are old and so you should be using all the knowledge and sense you have acquired over the years to help govern the nation, but don’t sit on air and talk about me. This should be the last time you talk about me. Don’t mention my name in any conversation again, otherwise Jesus Christ, who called me to do his work will deal with you.”

Where do I even begin? Does this apply if he mentions it alone in his room? Who is going to tell Obinim then? Still, for the loving soul portrayed in the bible it’s difficult to see how much damage Jesus can do dealing with anyone. God is a little more scary, Jesus, not so much.

He went on to give an analogy using Castro and Komla Dumor, but that was a little hard to grasp, saying if they knew they were going to die they wouldn’t have died; implying they could have sought spiritual help. But I’m yet to see the immortal human being, and I’m pretty sure people in his church also die the same as other humans, so that’s neither here nor there.

He also had a few choice words for those in the general public, like yours truly, who have a healthy contempt for him and his ilk. We should all be seeking protection soon, because the same hammer dropping on the former President is coming for us too.

“You sit there, insult people and spoil my work. You will see what I will do to you and if you say you have a place where you go for protection, you better hurry up and go there because I will show you that wherever you are going, I will beat that spirit. I, Obinim, in the name of the God Almighty, you will see what I will do to all of you. When Jesus was sharing the gifts, this is what he gave me.”

Indeed. If some of these charlatans really had any powers you see how they would have brandished it in dealing with their detractors? Tells you they aren’t really Men of God. As a friend of mine said, Obinim should thank God for democracy; he couldn’t have said this stuff to Papa J in the 80’s. Lol

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