Afia Schwarzenegger is a Big Taint & Disgrace to the Despite Group of Companies

Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger

If Afia Schwarzenegger (real name Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa) is not talking slack, behaving grossly inappropriate or throwing insults at others—doing all of these when she is allegedly high on weed or drunk, she would be caught lying through her nose; therefore has become a big taint and disgrace to the reputable Despite Group of Companies.

Despite Group of Companies, owners of reputable media platforms-Peace Fm, Okay Fm, Hello Fm, UTV and other ventures have to their detriment and disadvantage engaged the services of Afia Schwarzenegger on UTV and to be frank, increasingly, she is becoming more of a liability than an asset—something the management needs to evaluate as she is not a good reflection of the UTV brand.

Afia Schwarzenegger, her activities and mode of operations are synonymous to contempt; perhaps, she is even the contemporary definition of disgrace in Ghana’s media and her loud mouth coupled with her empty head would not allow her to see through the thick smoke that she is constantly fetching for herself and employers a bucket full of disgrace.

I am not a fan of Bishop Obinim and his God, however, the many videos/audios that came from Afia Schwarzenegger, throwing all manner of profane insults at Bishop Obinim recently do not only indicate that she is a worthless brand; it also soils the reputation of her associates including her current employers—which unlikely happens to include the respected Despite Group of Companies.

From the era of her unnecessary fight and daily exchange of insults with Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay), Afia Schwarzenegger stamped her grounds as a woman with little or no class, care less about what we call ‘reputation’ and has no clever understanding of being a media person—let alone to work for a reputable media company. And yet, someone at Despite Group of Companies went in for this chaff, perhaps to bring UTV some sort of attention.

Of course every noise-maker/a disgrace comes with a lot of bad attention but is this the sort of attention Despite Group of Companies want for their UTV brand?

Currently, this same Afia Schwarzenegger is trending online for having claimed to be married to a Pastor and according to publications by GhanaCelebrities.Com which seem to be the truth, this man is not a pastor and he has a wife with whom he resides with in UK, together with their 3 children. It wouldn’t be contemptuous at this stage to say Afia Schwarzenegger is some home wrecker or no different from the many loose Ghanaian women, eager to snatch the husbands of others…

Once again, is this the loudmouth character that the Despite Group of Companies wants to associate their brand with as an employee—or is this the person the brand wants to present to Ghanaians as a role model on TV?

We take a lot for granted in Ghana including ‘reputation and status’ and as such, undeserving people are paraded on our TVs, sit amongst respectable persons or work for reputable companies, soiling the image of these entities with their constant and cheap antics.

Perhaps, it’s time long standing brands like Despite Group of Companies look at those they employ, the people they engage and also pay attention to the off work activities of these people capable of ridiculing their operations and brands.

Of course, if you have a worker alleged to be constantly drunk and smoking weed before coming on air to talk trash—and her off work activities are full of garbage, you do not need to be told that such a person has become a taint and disgrace to your brand.

The handwriting is clear on the wall—and for competitors, it’s a big joy but for those of us who take pride in the Despite Group of Companies brand, it remains a big worry….

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