While KKD and His Lawyers Are Making Noise in the Media, the Alleged Raped Girl Stays Silent & Says She Will Only Fight Her Battle in Court…

KKD and alleged  rapped girl


Since it emerged that a certain 19 year old girl has reported Kwesi Kyei Darkwah to the Airport Police Station for rape, following which KKD was arrested—the radio personality and his many lawyers have somewhat turned to the media to address the criminal charges…

Of course winning the public sympathy matters when it comes to certain cases—but a rape allegation brought by a 19 year old girl against a 49 year old man is definitely one of such cases. KKD has accepted that he had s*xual intercourse with this young girl capable of being his daughter—except that he disagrees with the girl on the issue of consent.

On the Ghanaian moral ladder, KKD is at fault for meeting a girl of 19 years old at an event and within few hours having ‘seks’ with this girl at the bathroom of his hotel. The uncontested facts are such that, using the media to spread any form of propaganda cannot change the deep minds of the public, yet, this seems to be the mode of operation adopted by KKD and his legal team.

They’ve been talking a lot in the media—saying, the alleged raped girl has no case and they smell some sort of back strings being pulled by certain people to taint KKD’s reputation. We’ve also heard them say, the girl’s allegations are ridiculous—and no court will accept what happened to be rape…

The issue under contention is whether the s*x that took place in the bathroom had the girl’s consent or not—an issue to be determined solely by a court in line with Ghana’s rape laws. The public will have no say in this and as such, I wonder why the media has become the right avenue for KKD and his legal team to be discussing everything relating to this case—including their would be evidence.

Interestingly, the girl at the centre of the whole allegation which has put KKD behind police bars for some days now has been silent—uttering no word to the media or discussing the merit of her case.

GhanaCelebrities.Com has learnt that, the girl’s family has decided there is not point in joining the other side in their media war characterised by propaganda which would have no impact on the substantive issue in court, they will just wait and fight their battle in court…

Considering the girl’s age and that of KKD, it seems once again, the girl has taken a mature stand while KKD and his people are running around like headless chickens—in an attempt to score some public points.

Many people are pretty thick and would buy into the propaganda being championed by certain people and the KKD associated media platforms but the truth remains; it’s only a court that will determine KKD’s fate

KKD is expected to appear in Court tomorrow…


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