KKD Rape Accuser Not Interested in the Rape Case & Blames Public Bashing of Her as the Reason | An Indication that Something is Deeply WRONG With Our Societies

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 Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson  right and KKD
KKD and Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson-right

In almost all the advanced countries in the world, a staggering 90-95% of rape cases are not reported per countless studies—-due to how victims are treated by society once they come out and Ghana is even worse.

It’s therefore not shocking that the young 19 year old girl- Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson who reported Ghanaian radio personality-Kwesi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) for allegedly raping her has expressed her dis-interest in the case, citing the way she has and continues to be treated by society as the reason.

Society has made her life hell since she told the police about what KKD is alleged to have done to her. According to Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson, since the incident, she cannot even step out of her house without people throwing all manner of insults at her or pointing fingers her way…

According to reports, a two page letter dated January 12 from Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson which she addressed to the Director of Public Prosecutions at the Attorney-General’s Department and copied into it the Chief Justice, the Registrar of the High Court and others, stated the public and media attacks on her person as her reasons for not being interested.

She called these attacks on her person insensitive—adding that, since her report, her life has become torture clothed in harsh gossip and insults by people.

She is reported to have stated in the letter that, she is currently receiving counselling from her church, certain elders and she wants to put this behind her to move on with her life—as she hopes God will heal her.

When Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson alleged that KKD had raped her, about 10 different people came out claiming to have in the past also been s*xually assaulted or raped by KKD—but they all cited their fear of societal backlash as the reason why they couldn’t even tell anyone let alone the police about these s*xual assaults. 

And it seems Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson has faced the same societal posture which gives flourishing water to s*xual assaults—and shuts victims down from reporting these assaults or seeking redress.

It doesn’t seem like the rape reporting statistics will change anytime soon because society wouldn’t allow those who feel violated to even seek redress without calling them names and attacking them from all angles…

When it comes to s*xual crimes, women who are mostly victims are made to be the offenders by society and the earlier we do something about this, the better.

Even if Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson drops the charges and the prosecution discontinues it; would anyone leave their 16 year daughter in the same room with KKD again…? I doubt it!


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