Ghana, the Country I Hate to Live in Now…

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When I hear people talk about Heaven and Hell, I ask myself this question; is there any place worse than Ghana that if I am not careful, I could find myself there?

You may have heard a lot about the unbearable state Ghana has found itself—-due to our industrious politicians who are working tirelessly day and night to fill their bank accounts to the detriment of the entire nation.

Having been able to live in Ghana for 27 years had made me a ‘black Ninja’, not the one capable of kicking some bad a$$ but the one who has been beaten so many times by the rains of hardship to the extent that, I cannot even be bothered any more with incoming kicks.

It may sound like a joke when we regularly slam ECG for the unending power crisis but in reality, what else can we do apart from to convert our compounding anger into little insults—which no one really cares about?

I have not travelled anywhere out of Ghana before but I really don’t think living in a country with some few people burning cash in your face while these same people in authority cannot just provide the basic for you—water, electricity and employment is the worst condition to live under…

I wake up each day hating my own country—the place of my birth and it is not because some aliens have ceased power to massacre the citizens but our own people are indirectly killing the hopes, aspiration and welfare of us all.

When I hear people throw insults on social media, it begins to hurt as a citizen but the truth is, these insults get my hatred to jumps higher…

Maybe I am ranting but to be frank, if you have a bunch of educated elites in charge of your country and they decide to play ping-pong with everything that could make your life better, ranting is the least you would do…

We are supposed to love our country; but what is a country if it cannot take care of its own citizens? The frustration of ordinary Ghanaians can’t be ignored any more—things have to changed in Ghana and the earlier the better!


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