UPDATE On Beating Of Kinto the Alleged Homosexual | One Person Arrested…

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Kinto beaten
Kinto beaten

Ghana Police is at work and swiftly, Police in Nima have arrested one person in connection with the beating of Kinto, a young man who was alleged to be a homos*xual in Accra.

The Divisional Commander of the Nima Police Command, ACP Nuhu Jango who spoke to Citi News “ruled out any suspected gay allegations against the victim. He told the media that initial investigations seem to suggest that the gay allegations are ‘complete cooked-up story against the victim Albert Appiah also called Kinto”.

Explaining what he is told happened, the ACP Nuhu Jango said; “He had some friendship with one Salim Abubakar. They used to visit each other and they became friends through social media so they got close. He came to visit him as he always does and Salim to have a one on one chat with him in private so they stood by the victim’s car so from nowhere, four people sat at the back seat alleging that he was sodomizing the other guy.

Meanwhile, they were not sitting in front of the car and this Salim never complained that he had been sodomized.”

Interestingly, these gay beaters/suspects beat Kinto to near death and carried him to a nearby ATM machine and requested he cash some money to compensate them for his intended act—and perhaps, for honour done him by beating the hell out of him.

The police have stated that they are sending the arrested person to court.


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  1. I am appalled by people who approve of people causing harm to homos*xuals.One would think it is their a**es. I am sorry but I would rather live and dine with a homos*xual than kill or cause any harm to them.
    Beating or killing a homos*xual is also a sin(thou shall not kill)
    We condemn Muslims when they kill people who aren’t Muslims then turn around and kill, beat and make homos*xuals miserable.
    Shame on any religion that allows discrimination. We don’t sit in the council of the ungodly but we tolerate them. That is christianity. Jesus Tolerated his enemies. Even Judas. Judas was set to betray him and he knew this but he tolerated him. He Tolerated Lucifer.
    So you would rather commit murder than live with or tolerate gays? How dare we think that we are better than someone just because we think our s*xual orientation is superior to other preferences. I am disgusted by our double standards.
    If homos*xuality is a sin, why would you extinguish sin with sin. No sin is bigger than the other. If you are an adulterer, you are as guilty as a homos*xual. Should we lynch you too? I didn’t think so. Shame on us.