Movenpick Hotel in Ghana Does Not Allow Women into It’s Lounge/Bar Alone—Except When Accompanied by A Man?

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Moven Pick, Ghana
Moven Pick, Ghana

This is preposterous and for some reason, I find it so hard to believe this is actually happening though a woman who claims to have been turned away at Movenpick has in detail narrated her ordeal (see above).

First of all, if you are a woman in Ghana and wants to make some quick money; this is the opportunity to sue Movenpick if they are indeed doing this—and make some big quick cash.

This is exactly what you have to do, get another female friend of yours and go to the Movenpick lounge/bar and see if any security guard (bouncer) would turn you away from entering the lounge by virtue of the mere fact that you are a woman.

And ensure that you have evidence of the turning away by getting someone to record this. Here, your friend can secretly record this or get someone to stand a little far and get things recorded. Don’t be rude—just be decent in your utterances…

If indeed this is happening, then it’s a clear case of gender discrimination in a free society—every judge would be upset about it and will reward you a huge compensation…

So that we are clear, gender discrimination/s*xism is prejudice or discrimination (treating someone less favourable-“in a way that is worse than the way people are usually treated”) based on that person’s s*x or gender.

Moven Pick Hotel
Moven Pick Hotel

Anyway, according to a newspaper article, Movenpick, a posh hotel situated in Accra has unofficially implemented a s*xiest rule which demands that, women would only be allowed into their lounge/bar if accompanied by men.

It sounds really ridiculous and goes to pierce the heart of efforts to end all sort of discriminations—and for a hotel of this reputation/standard to be allegedly doing this, it’s a big taint.

Surely, for the next few weeks, GhanaCelebrities.Com would send out some of our female writers in there—and let’s hope they turn them away for just being women; we would throw a big party in Barbados with some compensation from Movenpick…

If this is indeed true, then women should blacklist the hotel—and not book them. There are many great competitors out there which would treat women with dignity in the face of whatever emerging problems.

You cannot do this anywhere in the West and you shouldn’t be allowed to do so in Ghana too…


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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