VIDEO: 85% of Successful Ghanaian Business Men Dealt in DRUGS + I Have 108 Houses With 26 in East Legon-Says MP Kennedy Agyepong

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Ken Agyepong
Ken Agyepong

It’s obvious Kennedy Agyepong has a loud mouth but his pocket perfectly fits his mouth—the Member of Parliament for Assin Central has worked hard to achieve a lot for himself.

Some may call it boasting but according to him, if you sold PK by the road side and have managed to work your butt off to such a successful level where you can comfortably buy a Royce Rolls, then you have every reason to inspire others by talking about your success and how far you’ve come.

Ken Agyepong was on TV3’s NewDay a few days ago and as part of the discussion, he mentioned that he currently owns 108 houses and out of this number, 26 of them are situated at Accra’s posh region-East Legon.

And that wasn’t all that he said, in response to why people always associate his name with drugs, the MP mentioned that; it’s because about 85% of successful Ghanaian business men deal/dealt in drugs—therefore, it’s difficult for people to accept him as the genuine businessman that he is…

He added that, if  he was into drugs—he would have been exposed by now considering his loud mouth in this country and how he constantly tear people down. “Unless you want to tell me that I am God,” he said.

Check out the video below…



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