CONFIRMED: Kiki Banson & Becca Split…All They Had Has ENDED



For about 10 years, Kiki Banson has acted in multiple capacities as far as Ghanaian musician-Becca is concerned—and apart from famously being Becca’s manager, it was alleged at a point that they had more than an ordinary working relationship going on.

GhanaCelebrities.Com has learnt Kiki Banson and Becca have ended their working relationship and whatever there was to it in the minds of people. We reached out to Kiki Banson who confirmed the split; saying, everything that has a beginning must come to an end—and it is one of those things.

Kiki Banson and his EKB records had a long contract with Becca; an agreement which ignited a controversy about two years ago when Becca’s father claimed Kiki fraudulently signed that contract with his daughter when she was a minor.

It seems like this long contract has ended—and Becca has decided not to renew. We are told she is shopping for a new manager and a new record label to align her musical brand with.

Becca and Kiki made headlines a few years ago when Becca’s father alleged that Kiki had express a ‘weird’ intention to make the singer his wife—at the back of speculations that Kiki was messing with Becca while married and he ditched his wife so to be able to marry Becca.

Becca’s father even disowned her for this and he was reported to have said ; “Becca is no more my child and she can do whatever she pleases with her life. She is of no importance to me anymore. She is grown so if she thinks Kiki is the one she really wants to marry, she can go ahead and marry him. I have already disowned her.

I don’t care if the mother supports her or not. Looking at my health condition now, I wouldn’t want to do anything that will affect me and the rest of the family. Everything I gave her has been taken back. She is no more my child and will never be my child, not even when I’m dead.”

It became a media war with Kiki writing a long open letter to Becca’s father-Mr. Acheapong. You can REVISIT the controversy by Clicking Here

For now, we can say what Kiki Banson and Becca never had just ended—officially!

Becca and Kiki Banson

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