To Whom It May Concern | Not President Mahama- The Dead Goat Syndrome People Though!

Black woman

Black woman

I wrote this for a friend celebrating her birthday and now I have permission to share it. I didn’t write this for those who suffer from the same syndrome as President Mahama- The Dead Goat Syndrome. This is for all those who are in tight spots and feel helpless but still alive and hanging on to hope.


I smell beauty in the air while watching this skyline

Makes me think about the moments I’ve savoured with wine

And the moments out of boredom I’ve sat alone to dine

People say life is unfair

I say life is beautiful

Depending on which side makes you see blur- the castle or the cubicle.

Life is a cocktail of circumstances

The good and the bad, the ecstatic moments and the sad

The sweet moments that moist your lips

And the gay moments that cause you to sway your hips to the beat of that song, that jam!

In reality, you are dancing to the rhythm of life

Not because you see no more strife but in it you see the hope of more light

Hope, which gives us wings to dream of being unicorns someday


Building mansions on cloud nine have never ever been a crime

And so kiss and hold anyone who has been part of your journey

That person that pulls through

When your roses are dark and your violets aren’t blue

Through the rough patches and the tongue lashes

But this will become more real and less surreal and abstract

When all you see is Confetti

And your see of tears fill our ears with grazie

Until then I would have said Live Life, Love Life

But that is already on a T-shirt


This seemingly endless, winding journey called existence

Awaits the defining days

When everything begins to make sense-the glory days

From the day you are taught to hold a broom

To the day you hear the first vroom of your car

And then as you gaze at your groom as you walk down the isle of the pews

In that moment when all you can see is the myriad of shapes, colour and paper filling the air

There is a basic principle which should make us more hopeful

Which is, despite all the uncomfortable and untoward events which do not seem to disappear

Confetti will soon be here

So l’chaim to you

Your day of confetti is sooner than you think

Probably before your next blink

Or maybe right now after I drop the ink.

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