FOR ONLY THE INTELLIGENT FOLKS: Get 100 Dollars For Solving This Simple Mathematics Question…

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Of course I am not going to give you any 100 dollars if you are able to solve this—I don’t even think you can.

I have decided to put this up here because of two reasons; an Indian groom lost his beautiful would-be-wife on the day of the wedding because he was asked 16+5 and he said 17. This gave him away as a fraud—considering the academic credentials he claimed to have had.

The second reason is; I studied Elective mathematics and Core mathematics in College—and even though I think my answer below is right, I have had people say it’s WRONG. This seems like one of those tricky questions but I don’t think we should approach it so, even if we do, we should explain how we got to our answer. I know putting 1x is not really right (it should be just x), but I just wanted to explain my answer with that…

The bonus reason is; I know there are a lot of intelligent folks on this blog—and earlier this week, I met a young woman by name Abena Angela in a lift at University of Leicester. She immediately started ‘shouting’ and telling a perplexed classmate I was with that “oh I read his blog and he is like a celebrity”. I wish I was…

I got into a conversation with Abena who said she has been reading GhanaCelebrities.Com for many years—and when I asked what she was studying, she said, MATHEMATICS. This is a young girl—about 21 years old pursing a degree in mathematics at the College of Maths, University of Leicester.

The above reflects the fact that we have a lot of intelligent people (both old and young) who read this blog—which means, this problem should be solved easily. And for the reward; whoever gets it RIGHT gets the bragging right “as the smartest person on the blog” at least until something else comes up.

I hope my answer is right so I get to be that smartest person on the blog…LOL



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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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