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Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari

Ghanaian actress-Nadia Buari who reportedly gave birth to twins a few weeks ago has gotten people talking on social media—by sharing the above photo, sort of claiming it’s a recent photo; post baby photo.

Looking at the photo, we seem to agree with those on social media are saying, it surely doesn’t look like someone who just dropped two babies and if anything at all, it is one of Nadia Buari’s old photos.

Still, the debate as to who is the father of Nadia Buari’s twins (that we are yet to see photos of) continues—and interestingly, the below photo which Nadia Buari’s mother shared some days ago also got people asking if that could be the man.

Nadia Buari's mother's instagram
Nadia Buari’s mother’s instagram


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  1. Please can a woman on this platform (who has had a child before) tell us what to look out for? she is wearing an oversized shirt so we can’t really see a post baby belly!

    1. For a start,that picture is an old picture. Someone who has given birth recently,her boobs should be the size of 2 watermelons.Nadia is the type of girl that can easily put on weight. There is no way she will look like that in a short space of one month. No way.

  2. Well am a mum of two and i believe this is an old pix or she is wearing a corset under her oversized shirt.In my honest opinion.

  3. Nadia’s mom is giving us a clue of who the father is and clearly Jim is not in the picture from what I see. On a serious note I think the Buari family is playing games with the minds of Ghanaians. Today her father announces she has given birth tomorow she post a pic of her self in a loose shirt the next her mom post a pic of a man cuddling her daughter with her name inscribed on his skin, yet we see no kids. Is this a puzzle? should we find out if she has really delivered and if yes guess who the dad is. Well, if you ask me this is too much work and if they aint willing to disclose it then they should forever hold their peace and stop all these mind games.

    1. Yeah I think that will help, why keep all of us in suspense, giving birth is a blessing so y all dese pictures n if Ghanaian media starts to say smthing rude in the future like the kids were adopted the family will be mad meanwhile a photo of u and ur lovely babies won’t cause any harm neither will any witch or wizard harm u n your kids when we take a peep…..Nadia stop these suspense of the blessing u have because this is not a movie…..ahhhh aden…..

  4. As for Ghanians de3333 weda she’s given birth or not who cares? It’s her life she shld live it why are her parents cumin out to talk aba it? Is it Ghanaians business?

  5. Because you people give them the attention that’s why they keep playing the mind games with you all….. smh

  6. I agree we probably care too much,I smell somtin fishy just ignore d drama,wateva she’s up to,we will find out soon.time will tell.