Shatta Wale Talks About How Mark Okraku Mantey CHEATED Him + How KOD F**Ked His Nescafe Deal Up + MORE

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Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

The Ghanaian music industry is full of vampires—those who claim to be angels but continue to take unfair advantage of upcoming artistes with talent.

In a new song titled-My Star Sign, Ghana’s self acclaimed dancehall King-Shatta Wale has taken his fans back to his beginning, talking about how some known names cheated him and f**ked him up as an upcoming artiste.

According to Shatta Wale, Mark Okraku Mantey cheated him by saying he never sold anything when he was with him—then he moved on and somehow, he was selling massively.

He also talked about how Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD) f**ked his Nescafe deal up—eventhough he was a friend and he performed for him for FREE.

Shatta on the same track said “I remember Blakk Rasta, things we used to do. Live band rehearsals but it never paid you. A lot of sh*ts we went through, just to make this dream come through.”

“KOD was my hommie, me and him, all the celebration at night clubs behind the MIC but n*gger f*cked up my deal with Nescafe. I did perform for him and it was all for free.”

“Bola Ray had a problem with my promo CD, said I got to be professional that I am cheap. N*gger said I was cheap but that was a motivation”

Listen to the song below…It will surely get some people upset…



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  1. Rastafarai!!! Shatta Movement For Liiffeee!!! Not a rapper myself but got a story to tell someday , don’t give up cause it’s a must that on your journey to success you’re gonna meet so many f**kers ay!!! This is an emotional piece for them that can identify with it! SM4LYF!!!