Whose CAKE Is This? | It’s For A Ghanaian Celebrity…



That looks like some huge and well positioned African cake—in fact, it’s one and we have every reason to want to know who it belongs to…

This photo was recently taken by a certain Ghanaian celebrity and standing next to her is Becca. We’ve not really paid attention to the cake of this person though she has some enviable curves. But from now, we will be checking out that cake a lot more…

Whose cake is this?

Flip to the next page to see the face of the person who owns the cake…






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maka says:

Kaakie let me be ur stylist plss cos I wldnt be dat stupid to fix dat synthetic donkey tail hair on ur head…

ohemaa kukua says:

it sucks to have a slim figure in African only the ones with the huge bums are paid attention to. If its Joslyn Dumas then the caption goes check her asset if its Nikki or someone else with a bony body the caption goes what is wrong with this picture?

What the f** is wrong with Ghanaian and African men? Anyway Kaakie you ve got a nice big “cake” as GC will put it

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