Bleaching of the Skin…Black is Truly Beautiful

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Is it not sad that in today’s world the topic of dark skin vs. light skin still sits on the tongues of many? What about the pursuit by some to be more fair in complexion? Believe it or not, this does not exist only within the Black community, but amongst many other cultures as well.

Having a lighter skin tone, seems to hold more respect or a higher level of beauty than one who is of a darker skin tone in various societies. Assumingly, this could be the reason why products with hydroquinone base are in such demand.

Skin bleaching has become a money making business. People (not just females) will research the market for the best effective cream that money can buy. While some retailers prosper in selling such bleaching agents on the market, those who purchase them continue to fail themselves by falling into this sad cycle.

Especially amongst younger females, the pursuit to “look lighter” has become a desperate movement because of the silly notion that being LIGHT MAKES YOUR RIGHT! Engaging in such a discouraging act exposes the skin to harmful chemicals that could lead to serious ailments such as skin cancer etc. Not only cancer can be the end result, but over time, such harsh creams sometimes create body odor.

I can attest to meeting women who use such products only with an end result of skin reverse damage. Where one has bleached for so long that by the time they have achieved senior status they have become darker than where they started off. Stripping the layer of your skin continuously is so unhealthy and dangerous.

Why is dark skin looked down upon? BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL for the mere fact that we come in all shapes and sizes—and various shades. Is that not beautiful? What other race has it like us?

How did this hatred for a darker shade even start?

History definitely has a part in all of this. During the days of slavery, many were beaten and raped. Thus, producing mixed children, who obviously had a lighter shade than the rest. In those days it was the White man who was in first place, second mixed-race Blacks and then the individual of 100% African descent.

Don’t forget there were the Field Slave workers and the House Slave workers. Those who were of mixed-race or who had a lighter shade were always given preferential treatment. This being part of our history, has somewhat laid the foundation for our immature way of thinking.

Blacks across the world consistently face discrimination based on the color of their skin. Imagine, searching for greener pastures in life in a foreign country. You not only have to deal with the sadness of leaving family behind, but you also have to deal with the discrimination due to skin color. I bring this in, because there is discrimination from others but there is also discrimination within. For example, some may not want to marry a person because he or she is too dark. Some may not want to marry someone because he or she is light. What about the inner soul? And why does still have a place in our realm today?

Black is beautiful no matter what. Whether dark or light, we need to love ourselves as we are a very unique group of people.

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