READERS’ MAIL: Mzbel Should Shut the F””k Up | Does She Know What She is Talking About?



Dear Vincent,

It’s a known fact that atheists are some of the most intelligent people in the world but we should not confuse intelligence with wisdom. And Mzbel is not any, yet she continues to throw jabs at Jesus and Christianity ignorantly.

I am a Christian and I will always be a Christian but let’s face the fact, I love reading those anti-religion and God articles all over the web, especially what Chris-Vincent and a certain Godwin Nii Armah continue to publish on GhanaCelebrities.Com.

I do not agree with Chris-Vincent mostly when he attacks religion and God but surely, we cannot take it away from him that he is intelligent and well read in those areas. He knows what he is talking about and this is what Mzbel lacks.

Everyday that Mzbel has anything to say, it’s the same old nonsense on Horus and Jesus Christ as if that is all she has come across.

She claims not to be an atheist and she isn’t a Christian either. Certainly, she is not a Muslim and does not really belong to any religion. I doubt she is agnostic too. This shows how confused this old rag musician whose comeback has been so poor that she has decided to ignorantly attack Christians and Jesus to stay relevant.

At least she should read wide and place good arguments like others who are agnostics or atheists or anti-religion do. For Mzbel, all I hear anytime she speaks is ignorance and nonsense.

For Christ sake, can someone call this musician to order and if she wants to go against Jesus or whatever, no one really cares but before she opens her mouth to talk, she should be intelligent enough to debate the subject.

I hate it enough that these people continue to attack their maker but I hate it more if its done with full ignorance. It looks like Mzbel has heard some few sentences or watched some two videos on Youtube and that is all; she has also jumped to become a critic/hater of religion.

Mzbel, can you shut the f**k the up? You make no sense when you speak and may God forgive you for the ignorance.

From Rebecca Asare/Accra, Ghana


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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Debby Setor says:


vandalay says:

thank you to whoever wrote this article u wrote xactly wat i was thinking GOD BLESS YOU paaaaa ……

adoniss iii says:

Em I believe she said she wasn’t a christian but she was a jew which itself is cringe worthy i mean how many jewish synagogues are in Ghana..tell me if you have ever ran into a rabbi preaching in accra before so let’s face it, it’s just a desperate attempt to stay on people’s lips (things to do when releasing n*des of yourself turns men gay).. allow her to do her

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