READERS’ MAIL: I Didn’t Know John Dumelo Was Such A DoucheBag

John Dumelo

John Dumelo

Dear Chris-Vincent,

First of all, let me commend and congratulate you on the success of your blog, GhanaCelebrities.Com. I have been an ardent reader for over 4 years so I can say to some extent I bear witness to your hard and the bluntness this blog lives for.

It’s against the above background that I have decided to write this mail for publication, hoping to point it out to your many readers how much of a douche bag Ghanaian actor-John Dumelo is, made clear by his recent comment on the current unbearable ‘dumsor dumsor’ in Ghana.

Let me ask, John Dumelo seems to present himself as a business man but can he point us to any of his so called businesses and tell us how the business is fairing on the back of ‘dumsor dumsor’?

No serious businessman will entertain ‘dumsor dumsor’ for even a minute yet this empty head comes on radio to say we should give the sitting government more time to fix the problem and that “Rome was not built in a day.”

Yes “Rome was not built in a day” but is 3 years out of 4 years tenure a day? If you cannot use 3 years to fix a problem, don’t make it worse for us and don’t come and be telling us nonsense.

My husband’s blocks’ factory business which used to be opened 7 days a week now runs on luck. And if we are lucky, we get to open it twice a week. We tried a generator which was not cost effective because it cost more to produce one block on generator than selling two of the same blocks when finished.

An incompetence government is in charge of our country, businesses are rapidly shutting down and our national currency has almost become worthless against the dollar and the pounds—and you have someone who claims to be an entrepreneur and celebrity boldly saying Ghanaians should not pressure the president to fix the current power crisis. Rather, we should give him more time. What does he mean by more time? Since 3 years is not enough of time for John Dumelo’s NDC led-government to fix the problem, surely the remaining 1 year will not be enough.

So in effect, John Dumelo is asking for another 4 years to be given to President Mahama and his cronies so that they can fix the ‘dumsor dumsor’ problem…right? By that time, all businesses including that of my husband would have collapsed.

Is it not a shame that established radio stations like JOY FM recently announced that they will close down transmission from mid-night each day because of the power crisis? Now, think about the small scale businesses who cannot afford gallons of fuel or generators.

To be frank, my respect for John Dumelo has totally gone with the wind and instead of tagging himself as a businessman or entrepreneur (obviously he isn’t because no businessman will entertain such a comment on dusmsor), he should go out there and learn how not to support incompetence.

Of course, it’s money and tribe talking through John Dumelo’s mouth.  If you have educated celebrities like him making such statements founded on either what has been put in his pocket by the NDC or the fact that he is Ewe, then we have a serious problem as a country.

I respect people’s tribes and political affiliations but what I cannot stand is corruption and incompetence, perpetuated by sheer greed.

Can John Dumelo tell us how much he was paid by the NDC during the campaign period and how much he has also be given to go out there to make such a brainless statement on ‘dumsor dumsor’?

He’s such a douche bag and please let him know that, he cannot even act. So he is not only a bad actor in movies, he is also no business man and obviously has no sense to comment on national issues.

From: Maame Afia Asantewaa/Accra, Ghana


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