President Mahama’s Communication Team Member-Alhaji Halidu Haruna Says the Ghanaian Female Celebrities Over 30 Who Are Not Married Are All PROSTITUTES…Sort Of

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Alhaji Halidu Haruna
Alhaji Halidu Haruna

The meaning of prostitution has changed with age and lifestyle but we all know what it stands for in our corners. However, for a noble man who is said to be part of President Mahama’s communication team-Alhaji Halidu Haruna to say, that certain Ghanaian Celebrities who are over 30 years and not married are PROSTITUTES is shocking…

The notion that every woman wants to marry is primitive. Of course,  a lot of African women want to marry but the fact that it has not happened does not mean they are prostitutes.

Over the years GhanaCelebrities.Com has looked into why most of our female Ghanaia Celebrities are not getting the ring put on their fingers but to be frank, tagging them all as prostitutes by virtue of their age and status is pretty absurd.

Certainly, there are several high number of these celebrities sleeping around for material things and you do not have to be 30 or over to be doing this….But it’s not all of them who are into that sort of business.

The NDC may simply be angry as a result of the rise of some Ghanaian Celebrities on twitter, campaigning for ‘Dumsor’ to stop. The seems to have been directed to Yvonne Nelson, Ama K Abebrese, Becca,  Lydia Forson, Confidence Haugen and others who are actively running the hashtag #Dumsormuststop

What is your take on what Alhaji Halidu Haruna wrote? Alhaji Halidu Haruna is a former aide to Ghana’s Chief of Staff…

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GC Staff

Gossip Mama is one of the dumbest writers you will ever meet. What she lacks for in brains she makes for in.....As a female with some lil sense in her mind, she wants to give it out to the celebs lacking it. If you dont find her glued to the Tv, check her out by the computer bashing some celebrity with words.. I am not a journalist nor do I aspire to be one. I am a blogger who saw the potential of this site and joined the bloggers. And yes, I am biased. I only report on artists/celebrities that I like or find interesting..... BBM pin: 2320FEE4


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  1. If they are prostitutes arent you their Number 1 customers?Just shaddap if there is nothin you can do.smh!

    1. I was about saying da same thing. wen Ibrahim mahama splashes da 50 note bills on them they r ur gods n after demanding dier services u now call dem prostitutes..wen star actress jackie was found leaving da hotel room of Zuma sometime ago were u not da same people wu had requested for her services. .aboa mu aboa..always tank mahama dat ur kind is in position


  3. You see what I mean? There is no plan at all as to how the country is run because if government and its people were really busy with an agenda, people like this won’t have time to be writing statements like this of imbecilic proportions! I must confess, people like this make politics so disgusting. I don’t see where in the constitution it says if you are not married, you aren’t a Ghanaian hence cant complain.unless I haven’t seen it Its a big shame..huge shame..we will continue to increase the heat on this bunch of rapists!

  4. He cant even spell too..Bulu sane! People like him patronize their services so I guess he knows who the prostitutes are. BNI should investigate him for solicitation. Nonsense! Instead of solving Ghana’s by putting your brain to work look at him!

    1. Nii you took the words from my mouth. It takes a patronizing fool to know who prostitutes are. His words are uncalled for, and I am so mad. Gosh, such an intelligent person in government. He must apologize or be banned from any government activities. These people can’t take criticism at all. In democracy, Leadership means to serve not to rule. If you call people names for criticizing you then we should take a second look at our type or government.

  5. Ghana is a joke. These are the leaders and advisors we have in Ghana. Swiaaaa. It’s doomed forever

  6. The thing de bore me sef ah! For those who are justifying his actions by saying she insulted the president I must say u people need to go back to school and learn English all over again maybe if she had written in Arabic he might have understood better but as far as I’m concerned the lingua franca of Ghana is English.
    She said the president is LIKE that kid in class who is last and you always expect him to do well(paraphrased). For those of u who didn’t do to well in English that is a metaphor. She in no way said the president is a child and that is no insult. We are tired of DUMSOR OOO TOOOMMMM. IF U WERE SENSIBLE You will listen to Ghanaians how can the whole country be NPP people. We cant all be NPP complaining. Fix the bleddy problem. If we are all NPP did the President win the election?

    1. exactly… it’s indeed a metaphor…. a good piece of writing has similes, metaphors, alliterations, humour., rhetorical question….etc..for effect………

    2. Oh Nii are you in my head today or what? What she said was a metaphor, brofo 3du. And if we are all NPP people complaining, then who voted for them.

  7. So is this what Ghana has become? Must every woman marry? This man has no sense and yet he was made aide to the high office? What a foolish man

  8. For some of us who believed i n Ghana under this govt , it seems we all are @ssh0!£$ and John Jimilo is number 1. And d pity of it all is that he’s clutching straws .

  9. Why are you all surprised? As the bible says by their fruits you shall know, this should be by their tribes you shall know them. Would an Akan or a ga put something like this on a social media? The man is paypayni so we shouldn’t expect any refine speech from him. Now we know what mahamA and his weirdo northerners are up to. This man is the monkey refilling our teens and yet talks of marriage. When did the society talks about one should marry before 30? Kwasia man paaa God punish you

    1. A person must not be judged by his tribe, but only by his character. Your comment is very offensive. Pepeni/pepefuo are humans like you and I. Cut the tribal crap!!

      1. Exactly! Just because one person does or says something bad does not mean that the whole group is to be blamed for it.

      2. If you are one you should be advising your people to behave. I didn’t see your comment this time or why do I feel you’re supporting what your paypayni posted? You don’t contribute to Fools when they throw insults or go wrong. If you find this offensive come out and advice your alhaji.

    2. Tina you are damn shallow and primitive. What ? What has a person’s character got to do with where he comes from?. These ate some of the comment that is going to keep mahama in power. Remember what happened in 2012?. When a certain group of people think themselves superior a lot can happen . In case u dont know how politics play out, you are indirectly campaigning and courting support for mahama and his govt. Wise up.

    3. This is one of the most ignorant comment I’ve read on this blog, you’re just like one of those ignorant people on ghanaweb. Am akan and without a doubt ashanti’s are some of the most uncivilised, jealous, noisiest people I know. Why do people like you always play the tribal card? Get educated and try to make wise statements in the future. No tribe is better than the other.

      1. so miss julie, wat is the difference between u and Tina? u jus used the opportunity to insult all ashantis. and there is no indicator that shes even an ashanti. u are very ignorant in my eyes and a loose bi*ch. every man must be walking through ur project. I AM AN ASHANTI AND I STAND TALL AS A VERY PROUD ONE. DONT U DARE CROSS THAT LINE WITH ME AGAIN.

        1. Can you read or you’re just stupid? Stupid number one said would an ashanti or a ga write something like that?? I didn’t even mention her being an ashanti. So please stupid number 2 read properly. Secondly, when did the word some suddenly mean all. Am an ashanti myself you dumb b*tch. Who cares? No one is even talking to you, if ur mad I don’t give a damn, who cares about you. You’re calling me loose but look are your username. Guess what b*tch, you’re one uncivilised, uneducated human mistake. I feel so sorry for you but you was probably born in the village so you that’s why you don’t know how to act. Kiss my arse hoe

          1. We’ll you could have said it better without insulting. Kweku replied her without any insults. These are all the little things that starts the tribal war in gc. Please next time learn to be polite. You here insulting Ashanti’s are you in insane? Ugly looking biatch like you should get out of gc. Who the hell are you and when did you started commenting? You define nothing but the uncivilized words you just used. Kurasini

            1. Wow stupid number 4, you’re trying to talk about being polite and what are you doing? Typical ashanti…love to insult. Blah blah blah. How are you talking about ugly when you don’t have a pic. You don’t need to know who I am. This is a public forum so I can say what I like and if you don’t like it then die. You obviously saw tina start tribal issue and now you’re trying to shift the blame on me. Look monkey, you just proved that you’re ignorant…it doesn’t even matter about the tribe cos at the end of the day you’re still ghanaian dumb whore. You just mad cos your stomach too big…put down the cow foot okay. Bye mumu

          2. The F word to you. Stupid girl how can you insult your own tribe like that? Why don’t you insult your parent’s first before you attack an individual with their opinion? usless people like you are the reason why mahama is hating on us. If you want to throw insults on ashanti’s question your ignorant mama for being an ashanti and not GC. How different are you and the girl who made the comment? Only a crazy one like kweku will like such your enkwasiasem because he’s known to be a northern man. Next time you want to respond to comments learn to write without insulting any GC member. If you don’t know the rules and principles everyone has their right to express their views. Ugly looking ashanti claiming to be one.

            1. Yo!!! Look at this bum without a pic calling me ugly. You’re mother is a very ugly monkey cos she gave birth to a mistake like you. Don’t tell how to write cos you don’t know me. I have the right to say how I feel and if you do not like it then commit suicide and die cos I say what I like monkey. No one cares about being an ashanti, when did the ashanti tribe become golden. You’re ugly which is why you don’t have a pic. Next time get an education before you try to engage in a debate with me. Bye dog.

            2. Aren’t you the same “christian” monkey I had an argument with some time ago. Wow you’re so holy with that sweet mouth of yours, God would be so pleased with you.

        2. Good reply too much hypocrites in here am sure if she was truly an Ashanti she wouldn’t be here to throw such insults. She falls in the same category with Tina. Julie 101 if you new here learn that everyone is entitled to their opinion. You must be new or either one of those who comes here with fake names. I’ve been away for months and logged on to read such crap from a following Akan. Take my words new comer gc is a platform that shares ideas.

          1. Can you read???? Of course am truly an ashanti, I mean who claims a tribe if they aren’t from one. You will not be the one to tell me how to speak or how to think. She said hers, I’ve said mine and if you don’t like it then that’s on you. Don’t advice me

      2. Fu@@k you fu@@k you. Stupid girl how can you insult your own tribe like that? Why don’t you insult your parent’s first before you attack an individual with their opinion? usless people like you are the reason why mahama is hating on us. If you want to throw insults on ashanti’s question your ignorant mama for being an ashanti and not GC. How different are you and the girl who made the comment? Only a crazy one like kweku will like such your enkwasiasem because he’s known to be a northern man. Next time you want to respond to comments learn to write without insulting any GC member. If you don’t know the rules and principles everyone has their right to express their views. Ugly looking ashanti claiming to be one.

      3. Easy Julie… Her(Tina) statements were uncalled for… I’m Ashanti but I wouldn’t go down her way… Besides what makes us so sure she’s Ashanti.?? We all ought to condemn what that uncivilized man(halidu) said rather that fight our own selves…

      4. I’m glad u used the word “some”… The most important thing we must all do is to condemn what that uncivilized haruna halidu said… Let’s grow past this tribal nonsense… We all Ghanaians…

  10. In the part of Ghana where this nonentity comes from, girls as young as 2 years are rushed into marriage so of course this idiot thinks that 30 years is the retirement age for marriage. Alhaji Halidu looks like an unsold cow meat so I’m not surprised such ugly words came out from his smelly mouth.

  11. Did you guys know that Ghana has one of the highest child bride statistics in the world? A study by WilDAF showed that one out of every four married women in Ghana was married as a child. That is really disgusting & child abuse. Instead of this oaf addressing that, he’s here wasting our time with celebrities. If this is the guy who advises our President then it’s no clue that we’re where we are.

  12. Funny thing is that those pics of him were posted around with him thinking he was Ghana’s answer to Trey Songz. .. Your Country is f**ked

  13. Marriage should not be the basis of naming a person as responsible or irresponsible. There are unmarried adults 30 or above supporting friends, charity organizations and family. You should not see a spouse before you respect someone. No wonder divorce and a lot of unhappiness happen in many homes. Let people decide on their own when they are ready to marry not because they have money or a career. They should assess themselves. I am glad he is not my father. SMH

  14. I truly feel sorry for Ghana. Every time elections come around, a majority of the people always place corrupt individuals into powerful positions. The people who have mouth to talk but do little to nothing to help the country. Dum Sɔ really needs to stop. Ghana really needs a big reformation with its infrastructure if it wishes to move forward.

    And who is this Mr. Haruna to tell others when to get married? Is he their parents? 30 years old is not “OLD” like he claims it is. Others are allowed to make their own decisions without the likes of Mr. Haruna sticking his unwanted nose in it.

    Anyways, I’m saddened at how Ghana has turned out. The youth seem to lack optimism—therefore there is a lack for proper education, the scarcity of jobs(which in turn makes some people turn to Sakawa), the education system is beyond ludicrous, and worst of all, the fact that impetuous people are always placed into power. People who always think with their mouths rather than their brain. But I guess that is what happens when the same people vote for the same old corrupt individuals. You get what you bargain for.

  15. eijjjjj some of our policians are nkrasssefuo paa….kai…he really did post that….eijj nsem wo ghana

  16. This man is an old fool paaaa ooo. Don’t really blame him but blame the he-goat who appointed such lunatic. Do I even smell discrimination? Why are all his stupid cabinet members northerners? I need answer to this before I throw my insults.

    1. I don’t know why they’re mainly Northerners. But Ghanaians need to take a step back and really evaluate the current situation.

      1. Are you aware that 95% of ex President Kufuor cabinet ministers were Ashanti’s? That’s just how politics works.

        1. No I was not aware of that and I was simply answering the above question honestly. And the statement I made about Ghanaians taking a step back and evaluating is mainly due to the infrastructure crisis that is plaguing Ghana.

          1. Ama Lyn, are you the 19 years old girl that joined GC few months ago? If you’re the one, I just wanna let you know that I really like the way you show maturity in your comments. Keep it up girl!!

            1. Yes I am.
              Oh thank you so much 🙂 I really do appreciate it. It’s all thanks to my family members and my interest in what goes on in Ghana.

        2. Kweku we are referring to the current situation not the past. I understand you’re on the president’s side cool tho. Please don’t bring ashanti into these. lets deal with the present situation. Other than referring to our great ex president’s cabinet what do you think about the He-goat insult to the women? Or you also agree with his silly comment. I want to see you contributing to that and not tribe lol.

          1. Lol… juicy mama, I was only stating a fact. My comment is not meant to castigate Ashanti’s. Anyway, as for that He-goat, he deserves all the insults he got. I don’t approve of anything he said.

          2. Regardless of his tribe, he made a really foolish statement. We should not focus on his tribal background, but him as an individual. His tribe didn’t make him utter such nonsense against unwed women.

  17. Instead of falling for incompetent individuals with little to no idea of what they’re even doing, they really need to question the people.

    That is why Ghana is quickly deteriorating. I’m shocked that it was the first African nation to gain independence from colonial ruling but its people keep voting for crooked people. I took a look at South Korea which gained its independence around that time and was shocked at how quick their infrastructure was grew. I take a look at Angola which went through a civil war for 26 years until it ended in 2002. And within 10 years after the civil war, they’ve been able to build their capital, Luanda, and provide jobs for its people(although it still has a long way to go).

    I do apologise to anyone who comes across any of my long “essays”. I do know that Ghana can really better itself if the people put their minds together.

  18. Well if all men in the world are just like him, then am not getting married. 30 roll on oooo….

  19. Lmao I see you all calling Julie 101 ugly. Wow you folks should know that, her profile picture isn’t human is a semi mermaid or manicure lmao. Y’all blind the girl is not a human so look closely. How can you label such object as ugly when the picture isn’t even the human logo? She doesn’t exist that’s why she’s cursing yall Ashanti folks out. Wonders an Ashanti insulting her own tribe mouth sealed ?. Then I wonder the insult she will ruin on us. Smh

    1. Another monkey with no pic trying to talk…do you have nothing to do then to go in on my picture which is as small as the tip of your thumb. Foh simp…why don’t you put your picture up instead of trying to suck up to kafui. You’re probably ugly as s###…don’t mention me.

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    1. Idiot if you are the same as Julie reveal your self. Speak for your loose self than a cyber found love you just met. Let Julie type her crap not an a$$ hole like you.

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  21. Oh Ama, thank u.clearly this woman is delusioned. Must be a very frustrated woman. U are no different from Tina. Have read her comment. She mentioned akans and didnt single out ashantis. So wer from through hate ? Madam are u dat dumb ? Wen did akan stand to represent jus the ashantis? In any case she made reference to two tribes. So why pour ur venom on jus one ?madam u are very stupid. If u claim to be an ashanti and not proud of ur roots, some of us are

    1. Omds…still stupid, when did I state am ashamed of my tribe? Stop assuming it makes you look like an a$$. Am not frustrated at all…am living a good life here. And f@#$ tribalism, I care about being ghanaian first then a tribe. You have nothing to do but discuss me cos you’re that bored. Have a nice day monkey…am done addressing you bums.

  22. You make no sense….I don’t exist yet I somehow managed to state my opinion. You’re obviously jealous which is why you’re going in on my looks. And why are you discussing me anyways…don’t you have nothing else to do but to be a follower? How can I not exist when my photo and my name is available for all to see. How did I insult my tribe? Why can’t ghanaians be logical. Didn’t you see other people make statements about the northerners but that’s okay right but if I make a statement about some of the issues in my tribe am insulting ashanti’s. If agya koo was making jokes about a typical ashanti probably all of you on my d**k wouldn’t even talk but for me it’s a problem. I care about being ghanaian first rather than a tribe cos I have love for ALL ghana tribes then supporting tribalism. What do you mean I look like a manicure, semi mermaid. Are you that stupid…when have you seen a mermaid before? What manicure, how does someone look a manicure? You can’t even see my pic clearly anyways. You probably look like s### which is why your pic is not up and next time when mentioning my name why don’t you tag me instead of being a coward?

    1. Damn why do you like insulting so much? Are you an abusive child or from the ghetto? Please last I check this website was an insulting free page so get that into your skull. You’re words are too freakinh harsh. You should practice what you preach, by being civilized as stated above. I am very disappointed at someone like you. Kweku stop backing her up because this girl is far from being an intelligent girl as you claim. Smh gc needs to do some blockings with these new names

      1. Bye girl…do you not see these ppl insult me first or are you being selective? Maybe if they didn’t insult me first I wouldn’t insult them. And you can you be disappointed in someone you don’t know like that. Am not knew I’ve been here ages just didn’t bother to comment on stuff. Being intelligent has nothing to do with opinion, its what you know academically. I hope you’re gonna tell the same thing to the ppl attacking me but you’re not cos you’re one of the same people that support inequality.

        1. Cut the lies please you attacked Tina first and that’s how the whole thing started. You are too much and is terrible.

    2. Julie 101
      Kafui meant to say “Mannequin” instead of manicure. Not educated enough to know the difference. Couldn’t spell it. And didn’t have the decency to ask someone more knowledgeable than him/her. So like a typical Ghanaian make up the word and pretend to speak with authority so no one will know of your ignorance. Says a lot about his/her “edumacation”.

      1. Lol, now I understand, am tired of going back and forth with these people. She’s not logical enough to engage in a proper debate just like the rest of these people. Her whole argument made no sense.

        1. You don’t reply to any shiit in here. Come on this whole arguments is not necessary. Am sorry to say this but next time learn to be a bit matured. If someone insult you don’t have to waste your time and energy to respond. Have a good day.