HIV-AIDS Fraudster-Joyce Dzidzor Mensah Slams Yvonne Nelson, Sarkodie & Others for Dumsor Campaign | She Says Enough is Enough & Ghanaians Can’t Attack President Mahama Because Dumsor Was Created By President Kuffour Long Ago

Joyce Dzidzor Nartey

Joyce Dzidzor Nartey

I don’t get the dabate on the origin of Dumsor and it relavance to what is happening in Ghana today. It could be that I am totally stupid or those placing these arguments clouded by political judgement are not making any sense.

So the fact that ‘Dumsor’ started or became relevant during NPP’s President Kuffour’s administration means that, a new president who came to power by promising that he would fixed the power crisis should be left alone—and the logic is, he did not create Dumsor or it did not start under his governance.

This is inherently stupid yet you find so many Ghanaians saying this—all because they belong to a particular political party which came into power on the legs that it will fix the problem and today, it hasn’t been able to do so with the problem becoming worse.

Can’t we just for once take our blind political goggles off and see national crisis such as Dumsor for what it is? In fact, some of us are tired talking about this—because, at this stage, we shouldn’t even be hearing such lame arguments.

Anyway, do you remember Joyce Dzidzor Mensah? I mean that Ghanaian actress who claimed to have been HIV/AIDS positive and became a ambassador, only to turn up many years later to say she is not HIV/AIDS positive—and that she did so because she was going through some personal hardship and needed money?

She has taken to her facebook to slam Yvonne Nelson, Sarkodie and the others who are championing the #DumsorMustStop campaign, saying, she feels sorry for them and that they do not know the history of Ghana.

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah wrote;

“It’s a pity to see Yvonne Nelson, Sarkodie ETC who Knows nothing about Ghana’s history as far as energy is concerned speak as if our president doesn’t know his left and right.

Dumsor started years ago under President John Agyekum Kuffour’s administration when Ghana went through a painful erratic power supply before Mahama came to power.

Under former president kufour’,s administration, there was Dumsor but he also did his best but yet the situation wasn’t properly rectified which is giving Ghanaians more challenging times now.

In my opinion, I don’t think any president will enjoy being criticized for this long if he knows or have an immediate solution to a particular challenge.

No president is perfect but I think President Mahama is human and knows good from bad.

Enough is enough. Ghanaians should show a little respect to our leaders and stop insulting them , in the name of Freedom of speech.

What at all will president mahama benefit in deliberately seeing Ghanaians to suffer with dumsor for this long?

I think Yvonne Nelson and co are just looking for unnecessary attention from Ghanaians. Because as it stands now the so call celebrities haven?t come out with any suggestion on how this ?Dumsor? can be solved.

We should all support President Mahama has he promise to solve dumsor permanently
Yes we all want? DUMSOR TO STOP? But not just stop for our generation but stop forever, so lets allow the president to work for us


Talk is cheap and talking nonsense is far cheaper so the fraudster is even talking…

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