John Dumelo Slams Yvonne Nelson | Paints Her in Her True Colour As a Delilah… Perhaps A Jezebel

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John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson
John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson

Of course John Dumelo has every right to be upset with Yvonne Nelson—considering how she stabbed him in the back and took glory for this by tearing friendship to win the national championship with her #DumsorMustStop campaign.

Let’s get into the background story so you would get things clearer…

John Dumelo was on Starr FM for an interview in April and he threw out a loose comment that ‘Rome was not built in a day’—as such Ghanaians should give President John Mahama more time to fix the power crisis. Asking for more time and patience for a president who has labelled himself a dead goat did not go well with my Ghanaians.

There was a huge backlash and we are told, John Dumelo bitterly regrets making that comment.

The backlash was from all corners—with several GhanaCelebrities.Com readers and those on other social media platforms slamming John Dumelo. But John could have handled the current—except that, he was hit hard by his own colleague and friend-Yvonne Nelson.

When everybody was insulting John Dumelo for his comment, Yvonne Nelson stepped in to take charge of the waves and launched her #DumsorMustStop campaign. Even if the clear contradiction in her conduct is not an obvious betrayal of friendship, she went ahead to directly insult John Dumelo.

When Yvonne Nelson started her campaign, she was asked why she did not tag John Dumelo as one of the many celebrities she was tagging on social media—a call to join the campaign. And shockingly, she said, she didn’t tag John Dumelo because he is an a$$ kisser.

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

That must have hurt…

From there, Yvonne Nelson went ahead with her campaign, taking in the glory while breaking down John Dumelo into pieces..

Meanwhile, off the public radar, the same Yvonne Nelson was trying to warm up to John Dumelo—calling him each day. She slams him in public for glory and then crawls to him in private.

Surely, even a fool will not fall for such Delilah things and John’s eyes had opened wide so he  pulled away from Yvonne despite having gone to see her shortly after the whole a$$ kisser tweet.

A few hours ago, John Dumelo took to twitter to pour his heart out—and to be frank, he is right. Yvonne Nelson did not act as a true friend and she doesn’t deserve that sort of loyalty again.

John 1

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