VIDEO: Child Abuse Or Appropriate Punishment? | See How A Teacher Treats A Child in Ghana

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Ghanaian child
Ghanaian child

The below video starts with the child already crying and it seems he is crying for fear of the teacher’s punishment—a clear indication that this teacher beats the hell of these children or threatens them with such a lot.

Even though the teacher does not really lay his hand on the child, we cannot miss the sort of psychological torture the child is put through—the horror of being told how you are going be dealt with, even if it never happens.

The way children are handled in schools across Ghana needs to be checked.

We all may have experiences of teachers beating and injuring us or our friends for some silly things we did school. We may argue such punishments have made us a better person, forgetting the negative waves they left behind which we may never be able to figure out…

And why did the teacher or whoever record this?

Watch the video below and tell us if you think it’s child abuse or an appropriate punishment…



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  1. Let a mother lover touch my kid or for now touch my siblings and see if I don’t jesus Christ him to a cross and youtube him…
    kids parent should do something about that