We Ghanaians Are ‘Selfish Ignorant B*stards’ | Where Do We Want the Ebola Vaccine Trial to Take Place? + See What Leila Djansi Wrote

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Ghanaians are worried that the Ebola Vaccine trial is positioned to take place in the Volta Region in Ghana—and as usual, we are exposing our ignorance.

So we don’t want Ebola Vaccine trials in Ghana…huh?

Great, but the next time you have a malaria or some sickness and you go to the drug store to buy a drug, try to also find out where the pill/drug you are buying had its trial done.

We use several drugs which were tested in other countries—we are beneficiaries and yet we don’t want a drug/vaccine tested in our country?

All the vaccines we have in this world today including those against Polio, Tetan*s and others were tried on human beings somewhere in some country—and in some community.

Today, we proudly use these vaccines as Ghanaians, yet we can’t open our mind enough to have trials in our country?

Selfish ignorant b*stards…

Any question? I will gladly answer you.

And don’t ask that why can’t they have the trial in those country that had Ebola—because that question just shows how lame you are.

You don’t mostly try vaccines in areas which had a disease and had been cured—because, the bodies out there may have developed antibodies to fight the disease so you wouldn’t know if it’s the vaccine working or it’s just the anti-bodies in action. (Plus they are already having a lot of trials there).

‘Let’s use our head small…’

We have just published an interesting article on this courtesy of James Atta Aglah, read it for the education you need.

I guess we should take the vaccine trial to Togo…huh? Those there are less human beings than us..right?

Leila Djansi
Leila Djansi

Someone just sent me the above screenshot of a facebook message by film-maker, Leila Djansi in relation to this issue—exhibiting extensive ignorance clothed in tribalism.

Can people like Leila Djansi tell us where the vaccine should be tried?

Also, how has Africa become the dumping ground of the West in relation to this particular case? We suffered and were killed by Ebola in thousands—today, a vaccine is being developed to fight against this disease and we are the same people rising against it?

How many people from the West died from Ebola? SMH!

-Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

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For the ‘ignorant souls’ who refuse to learn but continue to say vaccines are not tested in the West—this is a list of countries where different Ebola vaccines are being tested.

The United States has tested Ebola vaccines and they seem to even have one already. If Ebola strikes today, they will have vaccines for it and their people will not die like flies.

What do we have as Ghanaians or Africans? We are just making noise; that is why we die like chickens.

Now, let me hear those who will come and talk about vaccine testing in Ghana as a bad move. This is why we always die so easily; we are never prepared for disasters…


Below is an article we published earlier today the issue…

The EBOLA VACCINE TRIAL in Ghana | The Deep Ignorance of Ghanaians + My Take

Clearly a lot of Ghanaians have no idea of what this whole vaccine trial is about. But that is beside the point, what has really saddened me is how well educated folks who could simply research on it to be informed have refused to do so and yet are busily making public comments on it.

Today, i have tuned in to two big radio stations and on both stations, I was simply EMBARRASSED by radio panel members seriously shouting with passion but sadly too, with a LOT OF IGNORANCE on this whole Ebola vaccine trial.

So I have decided to answer three questions most people ask ignorantly – i don’t mean for you to be offended, just be informed.

1.What is this whole vaccine thing? Are they really introducing Ebola into Ghanaians?

A vaccine is a weakened form of a virus that is introduced into an individual so that the body develops immunity (let’s call this “body soldiers/ ability to fight”) against such disease. Yes, the vaccine contains the virus content. However this is weakened and the amount is too small to cause the disease – this is ensured by passing the vaccine through several tests and using animal subject over and over again.

2. Ghana has no Ebola, why not Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea who have had the virus?

People who have already been exposed to the virus (naturally as in the case of people in these countries) may already be producing such antibodies in their systems and so the researcher cannot tell if those antibodies is due to the natural exposure to the disease or by the vaccine they are testing. That is why it wouldn’t be prudent to try vaccines in places already exposed to the disease in this case, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

3. Why Ghana, Volta region, Hohoe?

This is the most unreasonable among the questions. FDA has stated over and over again that the Principal Researcher (the person who is doing this research) is in the University of Allied Sciences in Hohoe.

Additionally, the University have the needed facilities and equipment for such trials which makes it a suitable site for such trials, as was done for Polio, Onchocerciasis, etc.

I’ve noticed that people who have asked this first out of ignorance have received these answers but simply refused to accept, therefore permit me to ask you too the following,

a) Why not Ghana, Volta, Hohoe, etc.

b) If it was done at Kintampo Health Research in the Brong Ahafo Region or anywhere else in Ghana, would these questions be any different?

c) If it was any other project, as in the case of siting the University (UHAS) in Hohoe, would these same people question the motive for choosing their town?

4.If the test was ok why are they bribing the people with GHc 200.00 and mobile phones?
Again, FDA has denied that the amount is a bribe. In fact I believe if it were, it would possibly have been over the GHc10,000.00 range. Not all volunteers may have mobile phones – fact, and since they won’t be confined the researcher needs to have a means to communicate with them, check up on their health and manage the outcome of this trial and thus the mobile phones.

Personally, this seem a good enough reason though I don’t know why people keep re-questioning this motive, but to think GHc200.00 and a mobile phone – perhaps a yam is enough to bribe people into a “suicidal mission” is simply ridiculous.

Let me conclude by perhaps putting out the following – these are facts

Vaccine trials have been done over and over again with humans all over the world and with equally dangerous diseases – that is why we have OPV against polio today, Tetan*s, Measles vaccine, Yellow fever vaccine etc. Ghana is benefiting from such trials and if such people had refused we wouldn’t be where we are today.

To those who say ‘ibe malaria self a ibe ok’ don’t worry, some families here in Ghana have already agreed for their children to be used for such tests (and perhaps is still ongoing), so when such drugs/vaccines are out and you gladly give to your child know that someone was used first.

I hope this helps clear the cloud on this issue but if you still have your passionate feeling I urge you to google ‘vaccine trial’ and educate yourself some more. Meanwhile if you are a radio panellist, PLEASE, tomorrow, don’t sit on my favourite channel and display your ignorance again because you guys make me change my radio dial out of embarrassment—making me loose the rest of my favourite morning show.

Written for GhanaCelebrities.Com by:

James Atta Aglah
Health Information Officer
District Health Directorate – N/R
Ghana Health Service

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