So It Wasn’t Just Me…Mzbel Categorically Told Caroline Sampson That Kofi Amoabeng is the Father of Her CHILD

Mzbel and son Aaron

Mzbel and son Aaron

My recent two articles on Mzbel and her SNOW child-Aaron have not sat well with some people—but as always, I don’t mind offending some few saints to cut through the BS…

I wouldn’t say Mzbel is/was a good friend—but the fact that she had my private number which she called on Friday after having read my article indicates that, we have been a little tight in the past.

In fact, when Mzbel gave birth—she told me about it. Before that, she had sent me photos of a Mercedes ML she received as a gift and categorically told me that, the car was given to her by the father of her baby. The father she said was Prince Kofi Amoabeng of UT Bank.

On many occasions before the baby was popped, she mentioned to me that Kofi Amoabeng was responsible for the pregnancy—not just this, there are a lot of things we talked about which I believe should remain confidential.

I trusted her on the issue of Kofi Amoabeng being the father simply because, I was independently aware of her love affair with the UT Boss and I didn’t see any reason why she would lie to me on this—so in one of my RUN UP SHOW videos, I displaced the then hovering rumour which stated that Maxwell Mensah (boyfriend of actress Nana Ama McBrown) was responsible for Mzbel’s pregnancy.

In the video, I mentioned that the person responsible for Mzbel’s pregnant is a certain ‘big man’ in Ghana— referring to Kofi Amoabeng. This comment was based on what Mzbel had personally told me…

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I became suspicious of Mzbel’s claims when Kofi Amoabeng did not show up for the child’s christening which took place at the ICGC church in Accra. When I questioned Mzbel on this (she wanted us to publish the photos of the christening so in exchange, I wanted to know why the father was not out there), she said Amoabeng was out of town.

A few months after that, sources close to Mzbel told me Kofi Amoabeng had not accepted the child as his and had asked that if indeed Mzbel claims the child is his, a DNA test should be conducted.

As to whether this DNA took place or not, the answer is obvious in the certainty with which Kofi Amoabeng said ‘the child is not his’ when he recently appeared on JOY FM.

In Mzbel’s defense, she says she did not say to anyone Kofi Amoabeng is the father of the child—even despite the numerous indirect attributions she made.

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I am certain she told me Kofi Amoabeng was responsible for her pregnancy and was the father of the child—but it seems, I am not the only person she told this to.

According to Viasat 1’s Caroline Sampson, Mzbel categorically told her Kofi Amoabeng is the father of her child—just as she told me.

“I had a private chat with her (Mzbel) on BBM and she told me Prince Kofi Amoabeng is the father of her child. She is my friend and I believed what she told me. Prince Kofi Amoabeng has also come out saying, he is not the father,” Caroline revealed on Viasat 1 over the weekend.

Surely, it seems Mzbel does not truly know who the father of her child is—the man she claims to be the father has boldly rejected the tile ‘following a DNA test’. Yet, some Ghanaians say; we shouldn’t probe further or use the ‘B*stard’ word for the child.

Who is next on Mzbel’s radar?

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